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Common Beauty Tips To Follow At Home After A Hangover

The delicate rum bottle, the beer pitcher, the tiny tequila shots with good food and company makes such wonderful evenings and excellent parties. Let's fast forward and think of the next morning. The sickness, dizziness, headache and finally, when you wake up and see the mirror, oh, fish! How would anyone go out?

Dull face, red eyes, patched skin, blotchy cheeks, red rashes (all over your body), and you end up cursing yourself at the drinks you had the previous night. That's not what you should do after waking up on a hangover day.

When you finally manage to wake up on the hangover day, then take a chill pill. You just need to look minutely at all the skin problems you might probably face and solve them one by one.

On the morning after a hangover, if a few methodical steps and easy-to-do beauty treatments can be followed, then you can head to work within minutes.

Look at this post-hangover-guide list, where we've tried looking into the common problems that happen after drinking and we will tell you how to solve them, at least with regards to your skin issues.


For The Swelling And Feel Good Factor: Massage

It is very common to feel very tipsy and clueless on the hangover morning. Keep calm and before leaving the bed, just request someone around you to give you a good massage top to toe. The massage does not need to be long. But if the massage can hit the right points of your body, you will immediately feel good or it will be easy for you to get up from bed.


Bad Odour: Perfume

On waking up after a good drinking session, you might discover you are stinking of alcohol. Neither you are in a state to head for a bath or leave without it. Just take your deo bottle and pour in as much as you want. The deo will freshen you up and will not let you stink.


Red Eyes: Splash Water

In front of the mirror, a common post hangover discovery is red eyes. The alcohol reacts in your body all night and this is one of the outcomes. To get rid of it, just splash some cold water on your eyes or keeping a cube of ice on your eyes (wrapped in a tissue) can also work.


Puffiness : Ice Cubes

Eyes, face, hands or feet - puffiness is a common side effect of a hangover. Hold on! There are many remedies for puffiness around you. Check which one you will go for. Take an ice cube and wrap it in a towel and rub it on your puffed areas. For eye puffiness, chilled steel spoon, tea bags, potato or cucumber slices work as immediate remedies.


Makeup Removal: Scrub

It is okay if you were drunk and missed to remove your makeup. Yes, this is a bad habit but you cannot keep regretting over it. Rather, you need to be prompt in attempting to remove the existing makeup with a good scrubber. The most easily available natural scrubber at home is sugar. Just mix it with any fluid like honey, olive oil or coconut oil and prepare a quick scrub. Massage this all over from head to toe before you go for the bath.


Skin Irritation: Milk And Oatmeal Bath

Skin outburst might happen as a reaction to alcohol. You need to calm down and just head for a bath. The bath should start with a milk and oatmeal combination followed by normal water. Milk and oatmeal help to reduce your skin problems instantly while water will calm your body.


Clumsy Hair: Dry Shampoo

Over the night after drinking, it turns out that the hair can turn into a mess. To sort the problem, you have to do a good oiling and hair washing session which is time consuming. So for the time being, just pick your dry hair spray and apply it all over the head. It's an instant remedy and will atleast shape your hair for the next half of the day.


Rejuvenating Body: Moisturize

Once done with the bath, how about moisturizing your body? Well, this is just to add to your beauty to-dos and self-pampering during the hangover. A natural at-home moisturizer is honey. You can consider two tablespoons of honey with eight tablespoons of water. Use this to moisturize your whole body before you put on your clothes.


Dry Face: Hydrate It

Now when you're done with the body moisturizing part, the next focus is the face. The most public-seeking part of the body definitely needs special treatment during the hangover stage. Here, take a clean cloth, dip it in buttermilk and lay it on your face for five minutes. On removing, you will find that you are energised and feeling much on the go.


Lips And Teeth: Toothbrush And More

So all the alcohol went in through your mouth and the outcome is red lips dried and chapped with the teeth not looking very white. Well, begin with the brush. Brush thoroughly inside your mouth and gently move the brush bristles on your lips, so that all the remaining food particles and lipstick stains go off. This can be followed by a lip scrub and balm.


Instant Remedy: Face Mask

If you are really short on time, then cutting short all beauty therapies, simply go for a face mask. The face mask will cleanse your skin from the pores, extract all left-over makeup particles and give you an instant fresh face, all set to go out with a little bit of makeup.


Dull Complexion And Skin: Go High On Makeup

Before stepping out of home, you definitely need a makeover. On the hangover day, your makeover should not include any kind of powder, as your skin is already dry and the powder would look prominent. So, start with a rich day cream, sunscreen lotion followed by some mousse, illuminator and bronzer for a buttery and silky coverage.


Extra Alert On Hangover Makeup: Do Not Experiment

An extra alert on the hangover makeup is, this is not the time to experiment on the skin or face. Whether it is a cosmetic or natural remedy, if you are doing it for the first time - this is not the time. Follow makeup and beauty regimes that you are sure about on hangover days.


Dark Circles: Concealer

Dark circle around the eyes might appear very prominent on the hangover day. Here you have to use a concealer to hide it before stepping out of the house or begin with this for your eye makeup.


Hangover Look Tip: Colour Conscious

How much effort you put in or makeup you add - none can beat the 'looking dull' part on hangover days. As a remedy, just shift your focus on the colours you will put on. Go for a bright dress, so that it grabs all the attention, a bold lipstick to not let others know of your hangover and some good eye makeup for that confident look.

Story first published: Friday, June 23, 2017, 17:01 [IST]
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