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Benefits Of Using Water-based Moisturizers, Especially For Oily Skin

How do you exactly buy your moisturizer? By the brand name, price, aroma, colour, thickness, or recommendation from others? Well, if you follow any of these methods while buying a moisturizer, then you are on the wrong track.

To buy the ideal moisturizer for your body, you need to read carefully the content or the composition section that comes along with the container or box of the moisturizer. Every ingredient mentioned in this content or composition section of your moisturizer has a direct role to play on your skin.

The foremost among the ingredients that you should check in the content or composition section of your moisturizer is the percentage of water in it. This is because, water-based moisturizer is a better choice, especially when it comes to dealing with oily skin.

Also, if you are buying the moisturizer for summer time, then water content has a big role to play on your skin.

Water-based moisturizer, referred to as a gel moisturizer by some beauty brands, is a necessity in your makeup kit and here are the reasons on why you need to buy it.

Buying a moisturizer must have happened in your life, but today we give you reasons on why you should go for a water-based moisturizer, that is, the ones with extra water content in them, especially if you have an oily skin. Take a look.


Controls Skin Breakouts

In the skin, makeup residues, excess oil and more remain clogged in the pores, which result in zits, acne, pimples, blemishes and so much more skin problems. Here comes the role of a water-based moisturizer on your skin, which will clear off all the remaining extra particles and neither remain on your skin. The result is, less of skin breakouts.


Hydrates The Skin

A very basic benefit of using water-based moisturizer is, it hydrates the skin. Being light-weight, the water content directly penetrates into the pores of the skin and keeps it hydrated. So in case you are having a hectic schedule or you are out for work and you miss on your usual fluid intake, then don't worry, your water-based moisturizer gets absorbed into your skin and gives you a constant refreshed look.


Cool De-Puffing Mask

Eye bags and eye puffing happens, irrespective of the skin type. The remedy here is, using your water-based moisturizer to depuff your eyes. Just keep the moisturizer in the fridge for a while. Later, take droplets of the chilled water-based moisturizer on your finger tip and massage your eyes and surrounding area with this. Do massage in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions before going to bed and by morning, you will see a change.


Cooling Effect To The Skin

Itchy, scratchy, burning skin, etc., are common problems. Than researching on why such skin irritabilities are bothering you, just apply some water-based moisturizer on that area. Your skin problem will be relieved and you will experience a soothing feeling. The extra water content in the moisturizer will heal damaged tissues and this promotes the development of new skin cells.


Replenish And Revitalize The Skin

Often a day starts with good skin, but after sometime, we tend to look dull and greasy. This is because your moisturizer has extra oil-based content like shea butter or chemicals that clog the skin than hydrating it. Resolving the problem, comes the role of a water-based moisturizer that hydrates and gives a good feeling to your skin.


Acts As A Makeup Base

Application of a water-like cosmetic is important at the beginning of your makeup schedule to keep your skin hydrated; and it also beholds your makeup. As an alternative, you can start applying a water-based moisturizer as your base makeup, since the water content in it will serve the needs of your skin and also act as a good base to your makeup.

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Story first published: Friday, June 30, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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