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Beauty Essentials For The Girl On The Run

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With all our busy lives and schedules, at times it seems difficult to make time for our daily beauty regimen. We do know how important it is to take care of our skin; however, due to lack of time, we totally ignore the fact. But with these beauty essentials for busy girls that have been listed in this article, we have got you covered!

Why should looking beautiful and taking care of yourself also seem like a task, right? There are some beauty essentials that every girl needs. But the busy girl has no time to go in for a full face of makeup. However, does that mean she should have no makeup at all?

With these beauty essentials for busy girls, we hope you'd save on all your time and yet have a good skin care regimen. It is really important to also have a sorted-out skincare regimen. These beauty essentials, which we have listed below, would cover your skin care and makeup-related issues with ease.

Multitasking products are the stars of the beauty essential kit of every busy girl who is on the run. These products will save your life. Take a look.


1. BB Cream:

BB cream is multitasking product because it does the job of a foundation, primer, moisturiser and even a sunscreen! This is definitely a beauty essential for the busy girl on the run!


2. Wet Wipes:

Too lazy to wash your face after a day out? Wet wipes will help remove your makeup and even cleanse your face. We do not recommend this as an everyday thing, but when you feel exceptionally lazy, this does the trick.


3. Face Wash:

It is really good to keep a travel-sized bottle of face wash with you at all times. You never know when you'd need to feel fresh. This is one important beauty essential busy girls must never forget to carry.


4. Mascara:

Even if you are using no other makeup, definitely use a mascara. Mascaras give a nice lift to your lashes and make you look a lot more awake, even if you are not feeling awake at all.


5. Moisturiser:

Even if you use a BB cream, it is really good to keep a moisturiser handy. It hydrates your skin and deals with flaky skin that may crop up in the middle of the day.


6. Lip & Cheek Colour:

A pop of colour is what makes all the difference to your look. A lip and cheek tint would help get you this in no time at all. Go for a pink tint to make it look natural.


7. Compact Powder:

A compact powder is a must have beauty essential in every girl's makeup bag, especially for the busy girls. This helps you get rid of the greasiness on your skin and also makes you look fresh almost instantly!

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