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Amazing Home Remedies To Cure Dry Skin

By Shabana
Homemade Moisturizer for Dry Skin, घर पर बनाए नेचुरल मॉइस्चराइज़र | DIY

Winter is near and chances are your skin is already giving you signals regarding it. Dry, itchy and flaky skin are common woes of the winter season. The dry weather strips away the moisture from our skin, making it dull and lifeless.

Our skin is very delicate. It contains a top layer of oils and moisture, which protect the inner layers of the skin. The harsh dry wind in this season causes the moisture to evaporate from the top layers, making the skin dry and itchy. Our oil glands are also less active and secrete less oil, adding to our winter woes.

Dry skin causes a lot of problems for us. The skin becomes itchy and inflamed, making it uncomfortable for wearing woollen clothes. Dry skin also looks lifeless and dull. Severe dryness can cause cracks to develop, allowing the easy entry for germs.

Dry skin is a common condition during the winter season. There are many products like lotions and creams available in the market to combat this problem. Although all these products may provide relief, it might just be temporary.

You may have to reapply the products several times in a day to keep off the dry skin problem. Also, choosing the right kind of a moisturiser becomes difficult for a lot of people.

Using a light moisturiser might not suffice for people with seriously dry skin. At the same time, using a heavy cream-based moisturiser may clog the pores of the skin and cause acne. Therefore, it becomes very important to choose the right kind of product for your winter skin.

If market-bought products are not providing you with any relief, we suggest you try these home remedies, using natural ingredients to get rid of all your dry skin woes for good.

Here are a few natural home remedies that will give you smooth and nourished skin, for longer, when used on a regular basis.


1) Aloe Vera:

No skin care list is complete without this herb. It is the best natural remedy for dry skin. Aloe vera has deep moisturising properties, which help the skin retain its moisture. Its humectant properties help draw moisture from the atmosphere to the skin. It also protects the skin against the harsh winds.

Apply fresh aloe vera gel on your hands and face. Leave it on for 5 minutes and then wash off.


2) Papaya:

Papaya helps the skin get rid of dead skin cells due to its exfoliating properties. It is also rich in vitamins A, C and E, which moisturise and repair dry and damaged skin. The enzyme called papain also promotes cell renewal.

Smash a piece of ripe papaya into a paste and apply it on to the dry skin. Wash off after 15 minutes.


3) Avocado:

Avocados are creamy and naturally packed with fatty acids, which will restore the skin's natural moisture content. It also boosts the production of collagen and improves the texture of the skin.

Mash half a ripe avocado in a bowl. Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil and apply it on to the skin. Wash off after 15 minutes.


4) Cucumber:

Cucumbers contain 80% of water content. This makes them an ideal choice for dry skin. It heals the skin, repairs the damage and restores its natural moisture levels. The antioxidants in it keep the skin smooth and protect it from sun damage.

Rub some chilled cucumber slices onto your face and dry patches on your body, several times in a day to get a soothing relief.


5) Neem Oil:

Neem is an excellent antiseptic and its oil is full of moisturising properties. It relieves the skin of any irritation and itchiness. It also kills the bacteria present on the skin, keeping you away from any infections.

Neem oil is readily available in the market. So, use it on your skin regularly.

Apart from the outer treatment, our skin requires nourishment from within too. The right diet can decrease the chances of dry skin. Including plenty of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet will keep the skin cells strong and nourished, lessening the chances of the skin turning dry. Also, these fatty acids reduce inflammation of the skin and give way to clearer, smooth and more nourished skin.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 22, 2017, 12:39 [IST]
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