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Almond Oil Or Olive Oil, Which Is Better?

Almond oil or olive oil, which is better? You may have different opinions on this based on your personal experience. From ages, different kinds of oils were extracted from vegetables, fruits and seeds.

Similarly, olive oil is extracted from olive and almond oil from the seeds of almond. However, the question almond oil or olive oil, which is better, remains in many people.

All of you may know the benefits of both the oils, but some adjust better with almond oil, while some others with olive oil.

Both almond and olive oil carry essential ingredients in them. But the effects of almond and olive oil depend on the type of skin or body you have. So the query on almond oil or olive oil being better depends on your skin type.

You can find some of the answers here on almond oil or olive oil, and which is the better oil for beauty. Read on.


1. Almond Oil Or Olive Oil For Healthy Hair:

As mentioned earlier, for the best result, you may need to know about your hair type. But almond oil with its ingredient that soften hair is suitable for all types of hair. Olive oil with its high omega fatty acid aids in maintaining moisture of the hair in a dry environment.


2. Almond Oil Or Olive Oil For Skin Dryness:

In the case of beauty, both almond oil and olive oil play equal importance. The pleasant smell of almond oil along with vitamins A and E has made it more popular. On the other hand, olive oil acts as a great moisturiser and helps to soften your skin on the face.


3. Almond Oil Or Olive Oil For Reducing Dark Circles:

Many people complain about having under-eye dark circles. The effective method to reduce it is by applying a mixture of coconut oil and almond oil. Or you can also mix coconut oil with olive oil. However, since almond oil is light, it is more preferred to be used as an overnight dark circle-busting remedy.


4. Almond Oil Or Olive Oil For Fairness:

Who doesn't want to be fairer? You can be fair naturally by using almond oil or olive oil. Almond oil carries vitamins A and E and helps in hydrating the skin. Olive oil is also a natural whitener and makes your fairer. Hence, both these oils can be used for this purpose.


5. Almond Oil Or Olive Oil For Body Massage:

Almond oil is good for body massage, as it contains many ingredients that help in maintaining soft and supple skin. Olive oil is also used by many, but it is normally used by mixing the oil with some other essential oil.

Therefore, the decision on the choice of almond oil or olive oil will depend basically on your requirement and purpose.

Story first published: Thursday, April 20, 2017, 14:04 [IST]
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