Activated Charcoal Facial Scrub To Deep Clean Your Skin!

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Why do we need to scrub our skin when we cleanse it diligently twice a day? Well, your face wash does the job of removing only surface impurities; however, to remove the deep-embedded dirt, you need something potent. This is where a natural face scrub with activated charcoal comes into the picture. It does more than just cleanse pores of dirt build-up, it allows your skin to breathe.

What is activated charcoal? It is a form of activated carbon that is highly porous in nature, and is 'activated' to absorb toxins and impurities from the skin and keep it from getting reabsorbed into the skin layers.

When the deep-seated debris is removed from the skin, it leaves your skin visibly smoother and pores more defined.

Not just that, charcoal also absorbs excess oil that is secreted in the skin, leaving it more balanced. And it is an au-naturale, which means it won't add on to your body's already heaping chemical load.

Ingredients Required To Prepare The Natural Face Scrub:

  • 3 to 4 activated charcoal pills 
  • 1 teaspoon of clay 
  • 5 drops of prim rose oil 
  • ½ a teaspoon of calendula powder 
  • Required amount of water

Suited For: This DIY charcoal scrub is best suited for oily and combination skin types. If you have excessively dry skin, avoid trying this mask.

Now, here is the step-by-step guide on how to make activated charcoal mask to remove skin impurities. Take a look.


Step 1:

Take a bowl, break open the content of 3 to 4 activated charcoal pills, depending on how much you need. Buy a graded charcoal pill or powder that is meant to be used on the skin.


Step 2:

Add a teaspoon of clay to the activated charcoal. It works as a mild exfoliant, thereby helping to remove the dead skin layers.


Step 3:

Next, add 5 drops of evening prim rose oil. Omega-6 fatty acids present in the oil repair damaged cells and improve the skin's elasticity.


Step 4:

Add half a teaspoon of dried calendula powder. Antimicrobial properties of the calendula kill acne-causing bacteria and promote the regeneration of new skin cells.


Step 5:

Using water, whip all the ingredients into a smooth lump-free paste. Cleanse your face with a mild face wash to remove the day's dirt buildup. Pat dry your skin.


Step 6:

Apply a thin coat of the mask, leaving the area around your eyes and mouth. Let the charcoal mask for blackheads sit for 15 to 25 minutes.


Step 7:

Once the mask becomes dry, spritz some water onto your face. When the mask loosens, scrub in a circular motion, using the soft pad of your finger. Do this for 5 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.


Step 8:

Pat dry your skin. And follow up with a deep-nourishing moisturiser that suits your skin type.


Handy Tips

  • You can also use grounded almond powder instead of clay, as it works great in removing the dead skin cells and gives the skin a radiant glow.
  • Restrict this natural face scrub with charcoal to just once a week because when used frequently, it can cause your skin to become dry.


End Result

After first application of the charcoal face scrub, you will notice your skin become visibly smooth, supple and clear.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 4, 2017, 14:00 [IST]
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