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Thyme Oil Under-eye Cream Recipe To Remove Dark Circles & Make Your Eyes Look Bright!

By Kumutha

Thanks to the long hours spent closeted in a cubicle, burgeoning responsibilities and late nights, whether or not we have a smile on our face, we certainly have dark shadows under our eye! And that's why we figured you needed this herbal under-eye mask!

Before we explore about the herbal mask for dark circles, you need to first determine the severity of the condition. Look straight into the mirror, then lower your chin, now gauge the severity of the shadow, is it light brown or pitch black?

Light brown shade is light hyper-pigmentation triggered from chronic eye rubbing or from sun exposure, whereas deep circles can be due to stress or an underlying medical issue.

It happens when oxygenated blood starts to pool in the skin under your eye. Skin around your eye being thinner than your face, reflects as a half-crowned dark blemish.

How does thyme oil eye cream make a difference? Thyme oil is one of the strongest antioxidants known that can lighten the dark skin around the eyes.

Plus, its calming properties relax the blood vessels around the eyes, stimulating flow and preventing wrinkles from being forming around the eye.

Here is how you can treat dark circles naturally with this herbal mask.


Step 1:

Slightly warm a tablespoon of extra-virgin coconut oil for 30 seconds and keep it aside to cool down. Small-chain fatty acids present in coconut oil penetrate deep into the skin layers, moisturising and nourishing the skin.


Step 2:

Add 2 drops of thyme oil to the base carrier oil that is coconut oil and mix it well using a fork. Thyme oil also has anti-bacterial properties that form a protective shield on the skin against the bacteria.


Step 3:

Take 2 vitamin E gel capsules. Using a safety pin, prick the edge and squeeze out the gel into the bowl. Mix it well. Saturated fats present in vitamin E can lighten the skin and prevent fine lines from forming. If you don't have vitamin E capsule, you can also use 2 drops of almond oil.


Step 4:

For added nourishment, add 1 drop of geranium oil to the herbal mask for dark circles. It is known for its sebum-balancing properties and its excellent hydrating effect.


Step 5:

Splash your face repeatedly with cold water to remove the day's dirt and grime buildup. In case if you have any makeup on, use a mild face wash to cleanse your face. Pat dry. A clean face allows for better absorption of the eye cream.


Step 6:

Place a few dots of the cream under the skin of your eye. And gently tap it outwards, towards your cheekbones. Do not exert too much pressure, as the skin around your eyes is extremely delicate. Follow the same method on the skin under your eyebrows. In case it gets into the eyes, rinse it off immediately.


Step 7:

Let the thyme oil eye cream, which is a herbal under-eye mask, sit overnight. In the morning, rinse it off with cold water.


Step 8:

Take a few drops of rose water in a cotton ball and gently rub it in the area around your eyes. It will further soothe and tone your eyes, removing any oily residue.


What To Keep In Mind?

  • Never rub the blend into your skin, it will spread naturally from your body heat.
  • Use the natural ingredients for dark circle once a day, and avoid applying it to your eyelids and eyebrows.
  • Store the leftover in an air-tight jar and place it in the refrigerator.
  • Essential oils tend to be very concentrated, so use them not more than a drop or two and mix them with a base oil.

What To Expect?

When applied regularly, this thyme oil under-eye cream will overtime remove dark circles and make the skin around your eyes more supple and smooth.

Story first published: Thursday, December 15, 2016, 16:09 [IST]
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