10 Things People With Healthy Skin NEVER Do

By: Debdatta Mazumder

If you are blessed with healthy skin you are lucky. If not, then definitely you do lots of things to make your skin healthy. There are things that people with healthy skin NEVER do, and we repeat, NEVER!

Following a proper routine to get healthy skin is nothing difficult and it takes very little time from your regular hectic schedule.

Moreover, you all know that pampering yourself sometimes can boost up your energy, lift your mood and make you face challenges more confidently, which life throws at you.

But, it happens to many of you who you skip things and then complain about having skin troubles. Hear from those who have healthy skin or have acquired it and what they never do to hamper their skin. Read on to know more


1. They Never Skip Sunscreen:

You may forget to apply sunscreen before stepping out, but people with healthy skin won't do that. They know how harmful the UV rays are and what damage they can cause to your skin. You should follow their footsteps too.


2. They Follow DIY Methods:

Many of you want quickest result and so use market-based products with chemicals. Those who take care of their skin go for homemade products instead. After all, aloe vera gel is the best remedy that can soothe your skin than any chemicals.


3. They Never Prick Pimples:

You are at your teen and have irritating problem of pimples and acne. Pricking those can leave irritating marks, which may not fade ever. If you want to get healthy skin without any marks, don't prick pimples.


4. They Never Ignore Blemishes:

People with healthy skin know a little black spot can create problems in the future by expanding. They wash their face twice in a day with a face wash, use a toner and moisturise their skin as well. They never forget to use spot-reduction creams every night before going to bed.


5. They Never Go To Bed With Makeup:

You do it, right? You feel so tired that you forget to remove eye makeup or feel too lazy to remove it and wake up with a zombie look. However, people with good skin never do so. They know those chemicals hamper their skin's health and only leave them with wrinkles and spots.


6. They Never Forget to Remove Dead Skin:

They know dead skin cells hide the skin and make it look dull and damaged. Also, if you don't exfoliate your skin at least thrice in a week, you can have skin bumps. Skin specialists always recommend for exfoliating your skin regularly.


7. They Never Stay Dehydrated:

Getting healthy skin is not only about treating it from the outside, but you also need to care for it from the inside. You can keep your skin healthy by having at least 8 glasses of water every day. Water flushes out the toxins from your body and keeps your skin healthy.


8. They Never Ignore Effects of Food on Skin:

The more you avoid fruits and veggies, the more skin problems you are going to have. People with healthy skin prefer to dump oily fast foods and instead go in for healthy veggies and fruits. They know foods that are hard to digest can cause breakouts.


9. They Never Skip Sleep:

Skipping eight hours of sleep can cause skin inflammation and welcome skin problems like acne and pimples. Instead of regular late nights and parties, give your skin and body a good rest of 8 hours each night.


10. They Never Ignore The Dermatologist:

It is natural that there are some skin problems which are stubborn. But, if you really care for your skin, you won't skip consulting a dermatologist in case you come across any skin issue. Yes, that is exactly what people with healthy skin never do, and that is, they never ignore consulting a dermatologist.

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Story first published: Monday, October 10, 2016, 7:30 [IST]
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