Surprising Things That Damage Your Skin

We unknowingly do some things that can damage our skin, and we wonder for the causes of skin damage. There are many surprising things that can damage your skin, and hence you must avoid the same.

Our skin contains some natural oils that keep it in good health and well nourished. These oils also prevent skin wrinkles and other skin-related issues.

Skin contains good bacteria also that offer protection to it. Hence, doing certain things such as taking hot showers, spending a lot of time in swimming pools, etc, can remove these good bacteria from your skin.

This makes the skin more prone to many skin infections. You must also avoid much contact of your phone with the skin, as your phone contains many harmful bacteria more than a toilet seat does.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the surprising things that can damage your skin. Therefore, read on the article and try to avoid these things from your daily routine.


Too Much Sugar

If you like to eat sugary things then you must limit them, as sugar can cause hormonal acne and pimples. It also prevents your skin from healing and causes skin inflammation. Skin wrinkles can also be linked to excessive sugar consumption.



Avoid spending a lot of time in swimming pools, as the water present in swimming pools contains chlorine. It kills the good bacteria on your skin, thus causing skin rashes, dry skin, wrinkles and even skin cancer.


Dirty Pillow Covers

You must change the pillow cover frequently, as it can be a breeding ground for many bacteria that cause acne and pimples. If you already have a sensitive skin then change the pillow covers daily.



Do you know that your towel can also be a reason for your skin problems? A towel is always kept damp and lies indoors. Therefore, many bacteria and fungal infections can grow in it. Hence, make sure to dry your towel out in the sun to kill all the bacteria present on it.


Hot Showers

Bathing in hot water deprives the skin of the natural oils, and thus makes it dry. You must not shower with hot water for more than 10 minutes. Always apply a moisturiser after taking a bath to restore the skin's moisture.


Skipping Meals

If you are on a diet or are starving yourself to make yourself thin, the first thing to get affected is your skin. Skipping meals will only deprive your skin of essential vitamins and minerals, thus making the skin dry and lifeless.


Talking On The Phone

Do you know that your phone contains many bacteria, more than a toilet seat does, that can cause many skin infections? So, when you talk on the phone, these harmful bacteria enter your skin and cause rashes on your cheeks and jawline. Hence, it's a must to wipe your phone well before and after use.

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    Story first published: Friday, February 5, 2016, 12:15 [IST]
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