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Skin Care Benefits Of Chocolates!

By Riddhi

We all love eating chocolates, but did you know you can use chocolate for skin care as well? Sometimes, eating chocolate can cause you to have breakouts on the skin. But, we assure you that applying chocolate would do no such thing and give you ample skin care benefits of using chocolate.

You can use chocolate in any way that you like, which is as a face pack or a scrub. In fact, it is known that even eating certain types of chocolates can help your health to a great extent. Especially, dark chocolates. Dark chocolate is known to even reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

So, the next time someone tells you to lay off chocolates, think twice before doing so. It may be true that white and milk chocolate can cause you to gain a lot of unnecessary weight, but dark chocolate can have a host of benefits for your overall skin and health.

Not to forget, all types of chocolate, if applied on your skin, can give you skin that is almost magical. So, to find out how to use chocolate for amazing skin, keep reading this post.

We are sure you'd much rather prefer to eat the bar of chocolate, but we assure you, this is a lot healthier.


1. To Prevent Ageing:

The flavonoids in chocolate are great for skin tightening and in getting rid of wrinkles fast. Melt a bar of milk chocolate and use it as a face pack.


2. For Glowing Skin:

Because chocolate is such a great source of antioxidants, it replenishes the skin and gives way to glowing skin.


3. UV Protection:

Using chocolate on your face can even reduce your risks of getting tanned! But of course, sun protection is serious business, so be sure to use a sunscreen too along with using chocolate as a home remedy for skin care.


4. For Acne:

Chocolate has the ability to reduce inflammation and can be the yummiest natural cure for pimples and acne.


5. Exfoliation:

Mix sugar and chocolate and use this as a scrub to get rid of dead skin cells. This is one of the best benefits of using chocolate for skin care.


6. For Pink Lips:

Do you have dark pigmented lips? Then, use a chocolate and sugar scrub to get rid of the pigment. Having chocolate so close to your mouth and not being able to eat it is really difficult, but please try to resist.


7. To Treat Age Spots:

Flavonoids in chocolate reduce age spots. Gradually, your age spots would disappear with the use of chocolate as a skin care essential.


8. To Reduce Sun Damage:

Chocolate face packs can help your skin cool down after sun damage. This is such a good home remedy to follow using chocolate for skin care, isn't it?


9. To Avoid Red Skin:

Add a few drops of mint oil in your chocolate face pack to get rid of red skin, and to soothe the skin further.


10. For Radiant Skin:

Chocolate face packs can give you an instantly brighter skin too. So, try this home remedy using chocolate for your skin care regime.


11. To Treat Blemishes:

The fact that chocolates have antioxidants and reduce skin inflammation, they can be made excellent use of and can even help in getting rid of blemish marks.


12. For Renewed Skin:

Chocolate increases blood circulation and blood flow to the skin, making way for new and replenished skin. This is by far the best skin care benefit of using chocolate for skin rejuvenation.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 21, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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