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7 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Soap To Wash Your Face

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We are in the times where we seek the help of the internet for every little question we think of.

It could take hours to even start with how much information we can receive from the web, regardless of the topic.

So, naturally, even when it comes to our concerns about skin or hair care, we go to the internet.

However, there is such a vast load of information, tips and advice found on hundreds of beauty websites and blogs, that we get confused about which of those are accurate!

Our complexions are an important part of our looks; and if we make an effort to attain a flawless skin, it can help us look much better and even make us feel more confident.

So, it is important to get the right tips and information and make sure that they are safe, before testing them out on our skin.

Many a times, we follow skin regimes on a daily basis, without realising their harmful effects. Did you know that washing your face with soap can deplete the health of your skin to a great extent?

Well, Boldsky let's you know about some of the reasons why you should avoid washing your face with soap and switch to a mild face wash instead.


1. Damages Skin Cells

Bar soap is infused with harsh chemicals that are harmful for the delicate skin cells of your face. So, bar soap should be restricted just to your body and should not be used on your face.


2. Makes Skin Dry

Soap can strip away the natural moisture layer on the skin and make your face feel dry and dull, as bar soaps can be too strong for the facial skin.


3. Deteriorates The Health Of Your Skin

Bar soap can also eliminate the natural lipids present in your skin, thereby reducing your skin's capacity to fight against bacteria and microbes.


4. May Cause Acne Breakouts

Since bar soap reduces the skin's capacity to fight against microbes and bacteria, it may lead to acne breakouts more often.


5. Strips Vitamins From Skin

Using soap on your face can lead to the elimination of essential vitamins from your skin, thereby making your complexion dull and unhealthy.


6. Affects Natural pH Balance

Bar soap is infused with chemicals that lower the moisture level of your skin and affect its natural pH balance, thereby making your complexion dry.


7. Blocks Pores

Many bar soaps contain fatty acids that get accumulated in your skin pores and block them, leading to various skin issues.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 12, 2016, 7:00 [IST]
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