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Reasons Why To Wash Your Face At Night

By: Sneha A

One of the most important parts of our everyday beauty regimen is washing our face before we go to bed.

However, unfortunately, a number of times we are too tired and exhausted to even get up and do something as simple as washing our faces.

There are so many nights when we tell ourselves that we'll do it the next morning and keep on repeating it again and again.

We always seem to find a perfectly justifiable reason (of course to ourselves only) to not leave the bed without realising the effects it may have on our skin.

One must always understand that there is a reason something's fall on the 'must do' list. They have to be prioritised because not doing the right thing at the right may, at times, become the cause for your long-term problems.

There are a number of reasons for why you should wash your face at night. It's not only about removing your make-up; it's a lot more than that.

Here is a list of reasons to wash your face at night, so that you never again try to think of the reasons why not to do so in the future, have a look.

reasons why to wash your face at night

1. Makeup Left For Long Can Cause Acne: You do apply makeup in the morning and that makeup definitely needs to be removed. The pores of your skin get clogged if the makeup is left for too long on the skin. This can lead to problems like acne and uneven skin.

2. Helps In Removing The Clogged Dirt: When you wash your face before going to bed at night it helps in removing all the dirt your skin has accumulated during the day time, which again would clog the pores of your skin.

reasons why to wash your face at night

3. Can Damage The Eyelashes: If mascara and eyeshadow are not removed before going off to sleep, it is very much possible that you break your eyelashes. After coats of mascara being applied the lashes tend to become brittle and extremely prone to breakage.

4. Skin Cannot Exfoliate Itself If Makeup Is Not Removed: The skin naturally exfoliates itself by shedding off the dead skin from the face. However, if makeup is not removed from the face, it does not allow this process to happen. This makes the skin lose its shine, become flaky and develop an uneven tone.

reasons why to wash your face at night

5. By Not Washing Face, You Are Hindering The Healing Process Of Skin: Do you know that while you sleep, the skin gets a chance to repair itself from the damages done throughout the day; and by not washing up your face before going to bed and removing off all the makeup and dirt from your face, you are hindering the healing process of the skin.

6. The Dirt On Face Can Transfer On To The Pillows: If you like your pillow case clean, then cleaning up your face too will have to become a necessary habit. When you do not do so, you transfer all the dirt that has been collected on your face to clean and fresh pillow cases while you toss and turn during your sleep.

reasons why to wash your face at night

7. Helps Inculcate Good Habit In The Children As Well: If you have kids at home, they will obviously follow your roots. When they see you washing your face, they will also inculcate the same habbit and keep themselves clean. By following this good practice you can also keep diseases at bay.

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Story first published: Sunday, June 19, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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