Popping Pimples & Other Bad Skin Habits You Must Avoid

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We unknowingly end up making a lot of mistakes when it comes to skin care. These skin care mistakes can be easily avoided if you are aware of them.

Some of these mistakes are so common and more than that they are really tempting. We just can't resist a few of these. But did you know that you can make your skin a whole lot better by just avoiding these skin care mistakes?

That is why we have compiled this list of mistakes that almost all of us are guilty of making at some point or the other because they are all so common. So, stop making these mistakes and give your skin what it deserves.

Did you know that you can avoid things like early signs of ageing by avoiding these? Who wouldn't want that? We are all very anxious about our skin problems and would do anything to help heal the skin when these problems occur.

But isn't it a lot better to avoid these problems all together before they even happen? So, here are some bad skin habits that you need to be breaking now!


1. Popping Pimples:

This is really tempting to do, but can actually make your pimple get a lot worse. It seems like it would fix the problem, but what this does is make the pimple leave a scar behind.


2. Washing With Hot Water:

In the cold weathers, this is a really common skin care mistake. This opens up your pores, giving way to more dirt to enter your skinand clog up the pores. Wash with lukewarm water and then use cold water to help close your pores.


3. Touching Your Face:

Touching your face too much can transfer the germs on your hands to your face. This increases the chances of breakouts.


4. Pulling At Your Skin:

This can happen while sleeping or when you wouldn't even notice. This is something that can lead your skin to age a lot faster. This is one of the most common skin care mistakes.


5. Not Toning:

Toning your face after you wash it helps bring back the pH level of the skin back to normal and even shrink pores that are too large.


6. Avoiding Moisturiser On Oily Skin:

You must be thinking that if your skin is already oily, then why do you need amoisturiser? But the truth is, if you make your skin too dry, you could actually get more breakouts.

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