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Natural Remedies To Treat Upper Lip Shadow

By: Kumutha G

A flawless glowing skin, a picture perfect pout and an exotic gypsy eye makeup, and the one thing that inadvertently draws attention of onlookers is the unsightly dark upper lip shadow.

Nothing can dampen your otherwise diva image the way a dark upper lip shadow can. And it is a condition more common than you expect.

So, what causes an upper lip shadow that resembles a faint moustache to occur in the first place? The most common culprit is unsuitable methods of hair removal.

Not every woman's skin is suited to hair removal techniques like waxing, threading or bleaching. It can irritate the skin leading to red bumps, pigmentation or darkening of skin, overtime.

Other lesser known causes include exposure to harmful UV rays, oral contraceptives, hormonal disorders or tanning products. Moustache shadow also known as melasma, is one of the most difficult skin issues to treat and tends to be recurring in nature.

There are two ways you can address the situation. Either opt for expensive cosmetic procedures or try inexpensive home remedies first. Listed below are a few natural home remedies that just might rid of the shadow for a smoother and even skin tone.


Carrot Juice and Yogurt

Carrot is one of the prime sources of beta carotene that is known to repair cell damage. Yogurt on the other hand is packed with lactic acid that has lightening properties. Grate a carrot and extract its juice. Mix the juice with one tablespoon of yogurt and whisk well for the ingredients to combine. Apply a thin coat above your upper lip and wash off when dry. Try this method everyday for noted results.


Lemon Juice

Undiluted lemon juice has powerful skin bleaching properties, which can lighten the most stubborn of skin pigmentation. Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice above your upper lip every night for fifteen minutes. Dip a cotton ball in water and wipe off the residue. Immediately after, massage your skin with a hydrating moisturizer. You will notice a visible difference within a week.


Almond and Honey

This is by far the safest and most effective remedy to treat moustache shadow. Here is what you need to do. Soak five almonds overnight in lukewarm water and in the morning grind it into a fine paste. Add a teaspoon of organic honey to the almond paste. Mix the ingredients until they blend well. Apply a thin coat above your lips and leave it on for half an hour before washing it off in cold water. The concoction can also be used to lighten lip pigmentation.


Hydrogen Peroxide Pack

If hydrogen peroxide can work to remove angry acne without a trail of scars, it can certainly lighten the shadow above your lips.

Ingredients you need:
10 gm milk powder
20 drops of hydrogen peroxide
2 drops of glycerin

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk until they turn into a smooth paste. Use a cotton swab to apply the paste above your lips. Leave it on for five minutes and later wash it with cold water. Follow the procedure everyday for quick results. Store the leftover paste in a jar in a cool dry place and use as and when required.


Cucumber Juice

Cucumber does the dual job of a bleaching agent and a skin healer. Extract the juice of a fresh cucumber. Wet a cotton ball in the juice and apply it above your lips. Allow your skin to soak up on the soothing properties of the juice for a few minutes before washing it clean with cold water.


Milk Cream

Lactic acid present in milk makes it a natural exfoliating agent. Take a teaspoon of milk cream in a bowl, dip a cotton ball in the milk and apply it on the area above your lips. Leave it on for half an hour and wipe it clean with a wet towel.


Coconut Oil

If you don't have time to try out natural packs, here is another alternative that will take no time and work like a charm. Simply apply a thin coat of coconut oil on the affected area before you go to sleep.

Your skin will soak up the moisture in the oil, while leaving your skin visibly smooth and light.

Make it a point to apply a sunscreen with SPF 50 half an hour before you step out. Hydrate your body with enough fluids. And if no natural remedies bring about any result, fix an appointment with a reputed dermatologist.

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