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10 Kitchen Ingredients To Remove Tan

By Riddhi

Tanning is something that happens to everyone, and that too in all weathers. So these kitchen ingredients to remove a tan are going to be a real help, aren't they?

A lot of people don't realize this, but you can get tanned even on days when you can't visibly see the sun. In fact, there are actually higher chances for you to get tanned in such cases, as the gap in the ozone layer is a lot larger on days that are not sunny.

So, sunscreens are not only for days when you can feel the sun burning you. You must never skip sunscreen. It helps you prevent tanning, early signs of ageing and even reduces chances of skin cancer by protecting you from harsh ultraviolet rays.

Nevertheless, if you still get tanned, these home remedies for tan will definitely help you get rid of your tan. These are all safe to use and work a lot better than store-bought creams.

So here's how to remove a tan at home, easily, with ingredients you can find at your home already.


1. Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is the strongest natural bleaching agent. Apply lemon juice all over your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. This may give a slight tingling sensation, but that is only because it is working. This is definitely the best kitchen ingredient to remove a tan.


2. Tomato:

Tomato juice is another natural bleaching agent. This is best for people who have sensitive skin and get easily irritated by the feel of lemon juice on their skin. Rub cold tomato slices on your face and let the juice dry. Wash off with cold water.


3. Potato:

Potato has a very rich content of vitamin C. This helps with the bleaching action. For this you will need to grate a potato and apply it all over your face. Wash it off as soon as it dries. This is a very easy remedy because this kitchen ingredient for removing tan is available in almost all kitchens.


4. Buttermilk:

The high amount of lactose in buttermilk can help lighten the skin and that too gently. And that is what makes it such an effective home remedy for tan removal. Just apply it on your face and wash after 20 minutes, and you will notice a slight difference.


5. Cucumber:

This remedy is for people who have really sensitive skin. It helps remove the tan, albeit slowly, but effectively. For this home beauty tip for tanning you must be really patient.


6. Yogurt:

Yogurt has a similar effect as that of buttermilk but it also helps hydrate the skin and gives it a glow. Apply yogurt all over your face and then wash it off within half an hour. It is good in removing tan from face and neck at home.


7. Turmeric:

This is definitely one of the best kitchen ingredient to remove a tan. Along with tan removal, it gives benefits like scar removal and radiance. Mix turmeric powder with milk and a little coconut oil to make this pack.


8. Sandalwood:

Sandalwood is used in face packs for brides, then it would definitely work in lightening the skin. Mix sandalwood powder with rose water to make this lightening pack.


9. Orange Juice:

Orange juice too has bleaching properties. Apply orange juice all over your face and then wash it off once it has dried. This home remedy for tan is almost as effective as lemon juice.


10. Besan:

Besan or chickpea flour can be used to get rid of dead skin cells and remove tanning that may have happened on the top layer of the skin. Mix besan with milk for best results. It is effective in removing tan from hands in one day at home.

Story first published: Tuesday, December 13, 2016, 13:01 [IST]
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