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Ingredients From Around Your Kitchen That Can Make Your Lashes Grow Really Long!

By Lekhaka

Eyes and eyelashes are probably the most striking and attractive parts of our face. No matter what your eye colour or eye shape is, eyelashes have always been there to compliment your eyes and make them look more attractive.

Eyelashes help to add a dramatic effect to your eyes and also add an elegance to the eyes, making them look more attractive and appealing. Many of them are naturally blessed with long lashes; and if you are the one who is not blessed with those, then check out some of the best natural remedies to get longer lashes.


1. Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the best ingredients that help to get longer lashes at home. Using this simple, organic and pure oil can help to strengthen your lashes and allow them to grow stronger. You should massage your lashes with castor oil and leave it overnight. To avoid getting into a mess with the lashes, you should apply castor oil with the help of a brush. Regular application of castor oil can help to moisturise your lashes and allow them to grow naturally.


2. Green Tea

Green tea not only works amazing on your health but it probably helps in giving you longer and healthy eyelashes as well. Due to a large amount of vitamins and antioxidants present in green tea, it helps to boost the hair growth and also make your lashes grow strong. Make some green tea and allow the solution to cool quickly. Now, take a cotton ball and apply green tea on your lashes. Due to the presence of caffeine and flavonoids, green tea helps to stimulate the growth of lashes.


3. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is the ultimate fix for all the skin and hair problems. Like other issues, using aloe vera gel can also help to boost the growth of eyelashes and make them strong. In order to get nourished, healthy and long eyelashes, take some aloe vera gel and apply it on your lashes.


4. Remove Makeup At Night

One biggest reason why people end up with scanty and thin eyelashes is that they fail to remove eye makeup at night. When you apply mascara on your eyelashes, it tends to get heavy and it restricts the lashes from growing. The lashes tend to lose their natural oil and nourishment after regular application of mascara, and they may not grow back as healthy as they are right now.


5. Olive Oil

Due to a large amount of antioxidants present in olive oil, it can help the lashes to grow longer and stronger. Using olive oil on your lashes before you sleep can make your lashes grow longer, stronger and nourished. If you want to avoid getting into a mess with the oil, apply the oil with the use of a brush. Make sure you cover all the eyelashes and keep it on overnight.


6. Leave Your Eyelashes Alone

You should always leave your eyelashes alone and avoid treating them harshly. The best way to allow your lashes to breathe freely is to leave them alone. You should not rub your eyes and avoid pulling the lashes frequently. Even if you are removing eye makeup, make sure you do the entire process politely. Leaving lashes alone can allow them to breathe freely and boost the growth as well.


7.Coconut Milk And Castor Oil

Mix half a spoon of coconut milk and castor oil together and apply this mask on the eyelashes. Use this mixture on your eyelashes every day and massage for 5 minutes. Due to healthy proteins and vitamins present in the coconut milk and castor oil, it can help to give you healthy eyelashes. Coconut oil helps to keep your lashes strong and moist and castor oil helps to keep them nourished all the time.

Story first published: Sunday, December 25, 2016, 15:00 [IST]
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