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How To Remove Deeply Ingrained Dirt From The Skin

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Deeply clogged dirt or clogged pores on the skin can lead to other problems like breakouts and blackheads and a host of other skin problems. If you want to know how to remove dirt from the skin, then this is the article that can help you.

It is really important to get rid of this dirt because clogged dirt in the skin can not just make the skin look really dead and lifeless, but also lead to further complications on the skin. We could all do with a few less complications on our skin, isn't it?

And that's why this is really important, which not stressed on enough. The way to get rid of deep level dirt on the skin is to exfoliate it by either using brushes or scrubs.

You can make your own scrubs at home or even get store-bought ones. They would both work really well, provided you buy a gentle scrub that is suitable for your skin type. So, follow these tips to make sure that there is no leftover dirt on your skin.

Here are the tips you must follow if you want to unclog those pores! Follow the steps in this order.

1. Cleanse: Use a cleanser that suits your skin type and use it at least twice every day in order to remove dirt from your face. This makes sure that all extra oils and dirt are removed from your skin.

how to remove dirt from the skin

2. Scrub: Scrubbing is the main step to removing the dirt from the face. This gets rid of dirt that has gotten embedded into your skin. It even helps get rid of blackheads and whiteheads.

how to remove dirt from the skin

3. Face Pack: A face pack seeps up excessive dirt and oil from the face. Use a face pack once every week for best results.

how to remove dirt from the skin

4. Tone: Use a toner to maintain the pH level of the face. If you don't have access to a toner, simple rose water can work just fine.

how to remove dirt from the skin

5. Moisturise: Use a gel-based moisturiser, as it can hydrate your skin and yet doesn't attract too much dirt.

how to remove dirt from the skin

6. Matte Makeup: Always use matte makeup to avoid attracting dust and dirt on your face. So, with these easy tips, we hope we've answered your query on how to remove dirt from the skin.

how to remove dirt from the skin
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Story first published: Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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