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Herbal Masks To Get Glowing Skin By Diwali!

By Kumutha

With the festive season on full roll, we thought, it is time to indulge your skin to a little more TLC, to get the dewy-baby-soft skin for the time of festivities!

And with us having your back, you need not worry about anything. Our team got down to work and curated super-effective, skin-loving herbal face mask recipes that show perfect results!

All these homemade masks for glowing skin listed here take less than 5 minutes of your time, and they will ensure to rejuvenate, hydrate and repair the damaged skin cells. Brownie points: they involve zero chemicals, are skin safe and show results 99% of the time.

Before we get started, as always, we have some ground rules! Cleanse your skin twice a day with a cleanser that suits your skin type.

Take a break from chemical-based products for a while and let your skin breathe! Quit touching your face, and drink ample amount of water to flush out the toxins.

And the first golden rule, exercise at least two days in a week to get blood flowing.

Now for that little bit extra, here are herbal face mask recipes that work like a charm and would certainly help you achieve baby soft skin for Diwali!

Cleansing Mask

Dip a cotton ball in raw chilled milk. Wring out the excess, and gently cleanse your skin with the pad until all the dirt comes off. Let it sit for 5 minutes, before cleansing your face with lukewarm water!

This simple tip if followed regularly will cleanse, hydrate and lighten your skin tone.

Hydrating Mask

Take a teaspoon of milk cream, add a teaspoon of besan and a teaspoon of honey to it. Mix until it forms a smooth paste. Cleanse your face and apply a thin coat of the mask. Let it sit till dry and then rinse it off with plain water. Apply this Ayurvedic skin-rejuvenating mask twice a week to get that dewy soft skin!

Dead Skin-Removing Scrub

Take a tablespoon of roughly ground rice powder, add in a few drops of almond oil, a teaspoon of honey, and using raw milk, whip it into a smooth paste. Cleanse your face and apply the mask. Let it sit until you feel your skin tighten. Spritz some water, and when the mask loosens, scrub in a circular motion. Do this for five minutes and then rinse it clean.

Face Massage

Take some baby oil in the palm of your hand, and massage it onto your skin in a circular motion. Let it sit overnight, and by morning, your skin will be radiant. Massage relaxes the skin tissues, and gentle formulation of baby oil is suited for all skin types.

Anti-wrinkle Mask

Take a bowl, separate egg yolk from the white. Add a tablespoon of honey and glycerin to the egg white. Whip it until it gets to a fluffy consistency. Apply a thin coat to your face and neck. Let the herbal face mask dry completely before peeling it off in one swift motion!

Eye Mask

Glowing skin, but dull eyes? Nothing dampens your look the way tired, puffy eyes with dark circle does.

Here is a little trick you will thank us for. Pop two used green tea bags in the refrigerator. After 15 minutes, take out the bags and place them directly onto your eyes. Let it sit until all the coolness seeps out. It will instantly relax your eyes, reduce puffiness and add a nice shine to your eyes.

Eyelashes Nourisher

Mix 5 drops of castor oil with 5 drops of almond oil. Mix it well and gently dab it onto your eyelashes and eyebrows, every night. Within a week, you will notice your lashes become visibly thicker and darker.

Blackhead Remover

Dissolve gelatin powder in a tablespoon of water. Mix it well and add a teaspoon of honey to the mixture. Mix and apply a thin coat to your nose. Immediately, press a tissue strip to your nose. Let it sit for 2 minutes and then peel it off in one quick stroke. Use this natural trick for blackhead-free glowing skin twice a week.

If you have any more tips on how to get glowing skin naturally, do share about it in the comment section below.

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