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Follow These Simple Beauty Tips Every Night To Get Amazing Skin!

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You have had a long, exhausting day at work, you finally get home and all you feel like doing is getting some dinner and that much-needed rest.

This is the case with most people these days, especially if they are working, taking care of young kids, or have busy schedules in general.

Many a times, even though you are gifted with good skin and hair, your lack of time to maintain a proper beauty regime, stress, long hours in front of the computer, commuting in dust and pollution, etc, can deteriorate your skin and hair texture.

Usually, most people tend to follow a skin and hair care regime in the morning, while they are showering or they tend to postpone their beauty regime on to the weekends, when they have more time!

However, it is important to follow at least a short, but effective, beauty regime on a daily basis to attain radiant skin and hair.

Did you know that following a few beauty tips every night can help you look great in the long run?

Have a look at some of the best night-time beauty tips, here.


1. Wash Your Face

Even if you have washed your face just a couple of hours ago, it is important to wash your face just before bedtime, as your pores produce a lot of sebum at night, which could lead to the development of acne.


2. Remove Your Makeup

It is very important to remove your makeup at the end of the day, as leaving makeup on can clog your pores with chemical and grease, causing acne and blemishes.


3. Exfoliate Your Skin

Use a mild scrub and exfoliate your skin at night, as there could be a lot of dirt, grease and dead cells accumulated on your skin by the end of your day.


4. Apply An Under-eye Cream

Invest in a good under-eye cream and massage the contours of your eyes for a few minutes at night. This helps get rid of dark circles and age lines.


5. Take Care Of Your Hands And Feet

Use a skin cream with vitamin A or vitamin C on your hands and feet to prevent age spots and cracked feet from damaging your hands and feet.


6. Moisturise Your Face

Use a moisturising cream, which can boost collagen production in the skin of your face, at night to keep early signs of skin ageing like wrinkles and fine lines at bay.


7. Avoid Cotton Pillow Covers

You can use a silk pillow cover instead of a cotton one, as cotton pillow covers can make both your skin and hair turn rough and dull.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 14, 2016, 16:27 [IST]
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