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Want To Look Amazing After 40? Follow These Beauty Tips!

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'Forty, fit and fabulous' - this is a phrase every person, regardless of the gender, wants to hear when he/she turns 40!

However, not all of us are fortunate enough to experience a graceful ageing process.

Ageing is an inevitable phenomenon, which does not spare any living being. Humans, however, yearn to ward off all the signs of ageing for as long as possible.

As we grow older, especially after the age of 35, our cells begin to age and their renewal process begins to slow down, as a result of which our skin and body start to show tell-tale signs of ageing.

Especially in this day and age, in which medical science has made tremendous progress, getting a youthful appearance is just a couple of cosmetic surgeries away!

However, the truth is that many of us do not wish to go in for these expensive treatments to fix our ageing looks as well as would not want to get affected by the extreme side effects.

So, more and more people these days are trying natural remedies to help them attain a youthful complexion; and the best past is that these remedies can be prepared right at home!

Here are a few beauty tips that you can follow to look your best after the age of 40, have a look!


Tip #1: Regular Exfoliation – A Must

Exfoliation is key to a youthful complexion. As we age, more dead cells are accumulated on your skin, making it dry and rough, so go on and get a good facial scrub!


Tip #2: Use Anti-ageing Specific Creams

Use lotions and creams specifically made for anti-ageing purposes. These creams boost the collagen production in your skin and ease away wrinkles and fine lines.


Tip #3: Go In For Some Regular Massaging

Get a facial massage regularly and you can also massage the area around your eyes every night to keep signs of ageing at bay.


Tip #4: Dye Thy Tresses

You can consider dying your hair, as grey hair, which is inevitable at the age of 40, can make you look much older.


Tip #5: Keep Yourself Hydrated With Fluids

Try to drink as much water as possible and also make green tea a part of your daily diet, as the antioxidants in green tea keep your skin looking younger and water hydrates your skin well too.


Tip #6: Learn A Few Make-up Hacks To Fix The Issue

Learn a few simple make-up hacks that can help cover-up your fine lines and age spots in a jiffy! Have a look at our other articles to help you through this.


Tip #7: Follow A Fixed Exercise Pattern

Develop an exercise routine. Exercise helps tighten a sagging skin by toning your body, thus making you look fitter and younger!

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Story first published: Thursday, June 30, 2016, 15:38 [IST]
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