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Easy Tips To Treat Dark, Pigmented Lips At Home

By: Riddhi Roy

We all want our lips to look naturally pink, without having to use any lip stains or lipsticks. However, most of us shy away from showing our true lip colours.

At one point of time, when we were young, we had beautiful, pink lips without trying hard at all. But, as we aged, our lips started to turn darker, isn't it? I'm sure, there are many who've faced this issue due to whatever the reasons may be.

Lip pigmentation is the darkening or lightening of the lips and the lips appearing two toned in colour.

This can be very unsightly and can look unhealthy when one goes out without applying any lip colour on. The causes for this can be genetic or due to unhealthy eating habits.

home diy for pigmented lips

Smoking is a huge reason for this as well because smoking reduces the amount of oxygen received by the skin overall. It is exceptionally visible on the lips.

You must have noticed that if you smoke, your lips tend to turn purple in colour. There are several other reasons for this tinted appearance such as stress or more serious reasons like anaemia that can cause the lips to turn darker or lighter.

Lightening is usually associated with disease and darkening with smoking. Not surprisingly, even the amount of water intake can affect your lip colour.

So, be sure to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.

Also, here are a few tips of how to deal with pigmented lips that can help solve the issue at hand, have a look.

home diy for pigmented lips

Lip Balm: Make sure you choose the right lip balm. Just like your skin, your lips can get damaged by the sun. So, remember to use a lip balm that has SPF in it. Another surprising way in which lip balms can protect your skin is when you drink hot drinks. Direct contact of the lips with a hot drink can burn the sensitive skin of the lips, causing damage so slowly you wouldn't even get to know, but a lip balm can help a lot with this.

Scrub: Yes, scrubbing your face at least once every week is really important. But did you know that your lips need even more exfoliation? Dead skin gets accumulated on the lips much faster than the face, so to get rid of pigmented lips, scrubbing the lips twice in a day is a good idea. You can use a simple mixture of sugar and almond oil for this purpose.

Plump: To naturally plump up your lips, you can use a mix of cinnamon powder and almond oil. Apply this mix on your lips and leave it for 5 minutes and then wash it off. While it's on, the cinnamon will make your lips feel tingly. That is the plumping action of it.

To naturally tint your lips and make them look pink, you can use beetroot! Yes, cut a beetroot into slices and apply the juice on your lips. You can do this overnight too, as the tint is going to be really strong and won't go away that easily.

There you go, I hope you liked this post and keep reading for more tips.

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Story first published: Friday, July 29, 2016, 14:15 [IST]
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