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DIY: 5 Natural Makeup Removers

By: Nikita

Shopping for makeup essentials such as lipsticks, eyeliners, blush, eyeshadow and more, is a task that many women would be glad to participate in.

Makeup not only makes a person look beautiful, but also makes the person feel a lot better. Increased self-confidence and a better mood are perks of applying makeup flawlessly.

Applying makeup to enhance your beauty is a tedious and cumbersome task until you get the hang of it. However, removing makeup is a task that never gets around to be fun and interesting!

The process of removing makeup can become an easy and painless task by using a few natural ingredients such as the ones mentioned below.

Continue reading to know how to get rid of those raccoon eyes and become as fresh as a daisy for the next morning.

It's time to go natural and toss away the chemical-based makeup removers for these plausible reasons.

Natural makeup removers are easy on the skin, easy on the pocket, easy to purchase and easy to apply.

Majority of the natural removers have a neutral or pleasant scent, they certainly do not smell of chemicals.

Now that you are onboard, let's show you how you can use these 5 natural makeup removers easily and effectively. Do have a look.

Avocado: A fresh avocado and a Q-tip is all that you need to remove the night's makeup. Swab the avocado without removing any chunks, to enjoy the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and much more.

natural makeup remover

Cucumber Slices: You heard us right! Cucumber slices can be used for a lot of things that are not limited to faces and eye masks. To remove your makeup using cucumber slices, use a few slices to wipe off the makeup oh-so naturally.

natural makeup remover

Coconut Oil: One of the most versatile and favoured oils can also help you get rid of the mascara, blush and eye shadow in a jiffy for the day.

natural makeup remover

Raw Honey, Almond Oil And Baking Powder: Mixing a pinch of baking soda with half a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of almond oil will give you an all-purpose natural cleanser and moisturiser.

natural makeup remover

Witch Hazel And Olive Oil: This combination is ideal for removing powders such as foundation, eye shadow and even concealer solutions. Remember to treat the area around your eye very carefully, as it is sensitive. Mix 1 teaspoon of witch hazel with olive oil and say goodbye to those last few shades of the left-over makeup!

natural makeup remover

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