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Facts You Need To Know About Bleaching!

By: Riddhi Roy

Cream bleaches are used for many things, like lightening the color of facial hair, removal of tan and lightening the skin tone. Mostly it is used to lighten the color of facial hair. It turns the hair golden, and makes it less visible by matching it to your skin tone.

That is one of the reasons most women go for bleaching. It often seems like a better option than threading or waxing to remove off the hair completely, as these methods can be quite painful for some people. The effects of the face bleach can last from twenty days to a month.

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what you need to know about bleaching

Along with lightening facial hair, bleach also lightens darks spots from pimple scars temporarily and brightens the skin tone to your natural skin tone, removing the effects of sun damage. Bleaching is an incredibly popular method and can be done both at home and in a parlor. At a parlor, it tend to be really expensive and for the same cost or less, an entire box of cream bleach can be bought. Here are the facts you need to know before using a cream bleach on your face:

what you need to know about bleaching
  • Bleach has ammonia, although the cream bleaches available in the market today are gentler in formulation, using too much is not advisable. Once in every three weeks is the suggested time period to follow.
  • When mixing the bleach, ensure that the cream and the powder activator are both mixed properly. Application of improperly mixed bleach can lead to irritation of the skin and rashes.
what you need to know about bleaching
  • For bleaching, a clean, washed face free of all makeup is needed. Wash your face with your cleanser and don't use a cleansing milk, as a cleanser would be more effective. Most cream bleaches come with a pre-bleach cream. Use that after washing and let it set for a minute before applying the bleach.
  • For darker skin tones, make sure the bleach does not stay on for longer than ten minutes. This would make the hair lighter than the skin and make it even more visible.
what you need to know about bleaching
  • There would be a mild tingling sensation when the bleach is on, but if the irritation is too much, wash it off immediately.
  • Do not step into the sun at all after bleaching. Avoid contact with the sun for 7-8 hours.
  • Do not use any types of soap on the face for at least six hours after bleaching.

That is all you need to know before bleaching your face. Hope you got all the information you needed from this post.

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