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The 8 Best Ways To Include Saffron In Your Beauty Regime

Saffron is an extremely expensive Indian spice, mostly used in cooking to lend an interesting aroma to the food. It is often referred to as 'kesar' in hindi. It's unique taste and aroma, makes it a popular choice as an additive to foods and even refreshing beverages.

Apart from adding an amazing flavour to food items, saffron also has a lot of health benefits. It helps with the digestive system, and even with cardiovascular diseases. It is drunk mixed with milk by many people to ensure good health. Saffron has become world famous due to it's medicinal properties.

It is used as a spice for the overall well being of the body. It is said to prevent diseases in all parts of the body, due to some chemical compounds present in it. Saffron can also be used as a healing herb and even for detoxification. It is even used as an anti depressant, as it increases serotonin levels in the body. Many people even use it for weight loss. Saffron oil is used the world over to reduce obesity and get the body back into shape.

Apart from the health benefits, saffron has amazing beauty benefits as well.


Acne scars

Saffron has antimicrobial properties and is also a great exfoliant, which are both necessary for clearing up the skin. Make a paste out of saffron, rose water and basil leaves. Apply this paste all over your face. And then wash off with cold water. This will make all acne scars fade away gradually.



Similarly, it can also be used for pigmentation. Just mix saffron strands with turmeric powder and a little milk. Turmeric, also being a powerful lightening agent works together with saffron to reduce pigmentation. Make sure you use this twice a week for best results.



You must have seen ads of creams containing saffron as an ingredient for fairness. A pack made of saffron and milk used everyday can achieve the very results that these creams do. That too at less than half the price.



To achieve brighter, glowing skin, an easy face pack with saffron strands, sandalwood paste and rose water can be made. Apply the paste on your face and wash off to reveal a naturally glowing skin.


Dead skin

Mix saffron strands with a little honey and use this on the face. Honey breaks down dead skin cells while also providing moisture to the skin. Saffron also works as an exfoliant.


Dark circles

Make a mixture of rose water, saffron, sugar and coconut oil and apply it on the under eye area. Leave it on for a few minutes. This will freshen up the under eye area instantly.


Dry skin treatment

Make a mixture of lemon juice and saffron. The lemon juice would cleanse your skin from deep within while the saffron would provide brightness and luminosity.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 9, 2016, 19:30 [IST]