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7 Ways To Use Ice For Flawless Skin

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Every single one of us has access to ice cubes. Come on, ice is just solidified water. So, of course we all have access to it, right? Did you know that ice is one of the best things to use for skin care? It has a multitude of benefits.

Ice cubes can be a saviour on hot days. Imagine coming back home after a really hot day out in the sun. of course, rubbing ice all over your face can really seem like magic on such days.

Ice is mostly used to cool drinks and some of us even like eating ice cubes. It's really fun, but isn't exactly healthy. It can get you sick quite easily.

Instead, try using ice for you skin care. Regular inclusion of ice in your skin care regime will give you clear, glowing and beautiful skin.

Yes, getting good skin can be that inexpensive and attainable. For most of us that fact is hard to imagine. But it is true.

So, the next time you feel upset about your skin, no need to rush to the supermarket. Just go and look inside your refrigerator for some ice.
Also, here are some of the ways of how ice can be used to clear skin of its various issues, have a look.


1. For Toning:

Ice can be used after using face packs and scrubs to naturally shrink the size of your pores. The cold from the ice does this perfectly well. This is one of the best ways to use ice for skin care.


2. To Treat Pimples:

Ice can help reduce the size and redness of new pimples by numbing the area. This is one of the perfect ways to use ice for treating stubborn pimples.


3. For Sunburn;

Sometimes, the harshness of the sun hurts and burns way too much. Just rub on some ice on the areas to get an instant relief.


4. To Treat Blisters:

We all have had blisters on the face, be it from threading or from infections. They are really painful and even look bad. Therefore, use ice to get relief from the pain.


5. For Rashes:

Rashes do happen on the face. They can happen from using wrong products, or if the skin isn't hydrated enough. So, use ice to soothe the area and even hydrate it.


6. For Skin Tightening:

Regular rubbing of ice can actually make the skin tighter because of the impact of the cold from the ice. This is such an inexpensive way to get firm skin easily. Who said you need to invest in all sorts of botox treatments for firmer skin?


7. For Glowing Skin:

Make ice cubes out of orange juice to give you the benefits of ice and that of the fruit. This hydrates your skin, and the vitamin C in the juice even gets rid of tanning.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 8, 2016, 23:00 [IST]
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