Tips To Cure Acne On Nose

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Having pimples is one of the most annoying problems, especially for those who are in their teenage. The main reason behind this is the changing hormonal pattern. While pimples are a big issue, having them on your nose can make things worse. When comparing with pimples on cheeks and chin, they are more prominent and painful. So, it is natural that you will be looking for effective methods to solve your beauty issues.

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Generally, pimples on nose are more stubborn and it will take more time to get vanished. Before trying different ways to treat pimples on nose, you have to find out its reason. While hormone changes are the major culprits, some other reasons like environmental pollution, skin infections and allergies to any of your cosmetics can also contribute to the problem.

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Here, we will discuss in detail about the most effective tips to cure pimples on your nose. These are usually, effective for random pimples and if you have heavy acne or pimple breakouts, consult an expert dermatologist and get medical advice.


Lemon Juice

Squeeze a lemon and dip a cotton ball in it. Place this on your nose and keep it for fifteen minutes. Or else, you can apply the lemon juice directly on your pimple. The acidic property of lemon juice will help to dry out the pimple and it will bleach the area.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apply one drop of diluted apple cider vinegar on the pimple and keep it for ten minutes. Never use undiluted vinegar. Use this just as a spot treatment to reduce inflammation and swelling.


Hand Sanitisers

Many women claim that a hand sanitiser can be used to cure pimples on your nose. The effect is mainly due to its anti-bacterial property. Also, the alcohol content in hand sanitisers will help in drying out the pimples in no time.


Tea Tree Oil

Another simple, but effective one among the most common tips to cure pimples on your nose is tea tree oil. Apply one drop of tea tree oil on your nose and wash off after ten minutes. Creams that contain tea tree oil are also available in the market.



This is one of the 7 tips to cure pimples on your nose. Steaming will help in opening clogged pores and it will remove the impurities from the pores.



Applying ice on your nose is one among the effective tips to cure pimples on your nose. Wrap some broken ice pieces in a cloth and apply it on the nose. This will help control inflammation, reduce redness, improve blood circulation and tighten the pores.


Oil-free Face Products

Be extremely careful while selecting skin care products for your face. Use oil free cosmetics and prefer non-comedogenic moisturisers. This will help both in treating existing pimples and in preventing future breakouts.

Pimples on nose will no longer be a problem if you are regular and consistent with your beauty routines..

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Story first published: Saturday, October 31, 2015, 10:36 [IST]
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