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6 Perfect DIY Manicure Tips

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Every woman loves to flaunt beautiful nails. Manicure and pedicure are the most important part of every beauty regime. Today, we here at Boldsky are going to share six perfect DIY manicure tips for beautiful hands.

Neat, clean and well maintained nails are an highlight of your beautiful self. For this, you need to maintain healthy nails and shape and trim them accordingly. And to do this you need to follow few tips.

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Nothing is attractive then seeing a woman flaunt her well painted nails that are healthy and strong as well. Did you know that when you clean and maintain your nails they tend to get stronger? Using different manicure tips help to strengthen your nails.

Read on to know more about the six perfect DIY manicure tips in this article today.

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Seal The Tips Of Nails

When you paint your nails make sure you seal the tips of your nails as this avoids chipping of nail paint.


UV Cure

While you select nail paints, pick the ones that are rich in UV protection. This makes your nail stronger and they chip out less.


Start With Your Dominant Hand

When you paint your nails make sure you use your dominant hand first as this gives you a less shaky start.


Buff Nails

Before you apply any nail paint do be double sure that you buff them properly to ward off uneven edges. This makes your nails look neater.


Start In The Middle

When you start painting your nail, start painting from the centre of the nail as this gives an even and smooth finish.


Quick Dry For Perfect Finish

Dip your hands in cold water for over 5 mins before applying nail paint and see that your nail paint tends to dry faster.

If you have any tips to be shared then feel free to share with us.

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