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Secret Cures For Acne & It's Scars

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Pimples are a major part of our life and all to blame on the food we consume. Oily, junk and excessive dairy foods mess up with our digestive system and thus the result is acne.

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Getting rid of acne is possible, but felt rid of those nasty scars it leaves behind us a major task. If you have tried various home remedies before and if none seemed to have worked, then you should take a look at how these fruit seed masks help to get rid of the acne as well as the scars. Take a look at these humble seeds that help us to get clear skin in no time:


Jamun Seeds - Jamun seeds are only used on skin that is not sensitive. Dry the Seeds and grind to powder. Add one tablespoon of milk and one teaspoon of honey to two tablespoons of jamun seed powder. Mix the ingredients to one paste and apply directly on the pimple to get rid of it. Use this home remedy till you the acne scar disappears.


Strawberry Seeds - Strawberry Seeds are another fruit you can use on your skin to pamper your pores. The Juice and Seeds of strawberries re used to cleanse your skin and treat all types of skin problems.


Guava Seeds - Before you binge on a guava fruit, scoop out the Seeds and keep aside. Dry the Seeds in the sun. When completely dry grind the Seeds to powder. Add water to the one tablespoon of powder and mix well to paste. Use this paste twice in the week to treat acne and the scars. It is a slow remedy but it works wonders.


Kiwi Seeds - Kiwi is rich in vitamin c, one of the many vitamins which is good for skin care. To treat acne and get rid of the scars, massage a fresh kiwi fruit on your face. Allow it to dry and then rinse your face with milk. This simple home remedy will also get rid of blemishes.


Watermelon Seeds - Watermelon Seeds are the most refreshing just like the fruit. If you want to add a glow go your skin along with removing the scars, then this is the best remedy to use on your face. Dry the Seeds in sunlight. When dry grind the Seeds to powder. Add a tablespoon of rose water to the powder and apply it on the acne. Keep applying this seed paste on your skin till you see the scars disappear completely.


Papaya Seeds - These little black dress are the best you can use when you want to get rid of acne and its scars. Grind a handful of papaya Seeds to paste. Add a little papaya Juice and mix them well with the seed paste. Apply the mixture on your face and when dry, peel it out gently and rinse your face with milk and water.

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Story first published: Saturday, October 24, 2015, 20:04 [IST]
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