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Natural Cures For Skin Abrasions


An abrasion is nothing but an wound that causes superficial damage to your skin when it gets rubbed by a rough surface. Generally, the upper layer of the skin gets rubbed away in such instances. It is relatively a shallow cut on the upper layer of the skin.

Abrasions can also be caused by an insect bite or allergic reaction. Some of its symptoms include pain, swelling, bleeding, tenderness, redness and itching. Areas like knees, ankles and elbows are prone to abrasions.

Normally skin abrasions heal within a weak depending on the severity of the wound. Deep abrasions may even leave scars on the skin and require medical attention. There are lot many creams and medications available to treat this condition. But, it can be effectively treated at home using home remedies.

In this article, we have listed some of the ingredients that work wonders in curing abrasions. Read on to know more about it.


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the best herbs to cure skin abrations. It is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory in nature and has skin healing properties. It hydrates skin and promotes healing. Just extract the juice of aloe vera and apply it directly on the skin. Rinse after 20 minutes.



Honey assists in healing the skin in a short period of time. The antiseptic and antibacterial property of honey effectively treats wounds and reduces the possibility of scarring.



Turmeric is the best remedy for all skin related problems including abrasions. Apply the turmeric paste directly on the skin and rinse with normal water once it gets dried.


Vitamin E

The antioxidant property of vitamin E enhances healing of damaged skin and prevents scarring in case of deeper abrasions. Apply vitamin E oil on the affected area and rinse off after 15 minutes.


Coconut Oil

The healing and moisturising property of coconut oil work wonders in treating abraded skin. Coconut oil when applied on skin, forms a thin layer and protects the damaged skin from dust, bacteria and virus.



Calendula, popularly known as marigold helps to heal wounds and skin irritations. Its antifungal properties treats minor wounds including skin abrasions. Crush a few calendula flowers, apply its juice on the wounds thrice a day for a few days.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very helpful in treating all sorts of skin infections. The antioxidants present in vitamin C rich foods boost your immune system and help your body fight infection due to an abrasion. They even promotes quick healing.

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