How To Use Coconut Oil For Wrinkles

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Can coconut oil reduce wrinkles? Yes, if you apply it regularly on the affected areas. Generally, wrinkles form on your forehead, around eyes and mouth.

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Using coconut oil for wrinkles can gradually soften the skin and that reduces the appearance of the folds. You can prevent wrinkles with coconut oil if you cultivate the habit of massaging your face at least twice a day. But of course, if you have greasy skin, this isn't advisable.

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It can also work like a moisturiser on your skin as it hydrates and even prevents certain skin issues. Now, let us discuss how to use coconut oil for skin.


Remove Makeup

Firstly, you need to carefully remove your make up. Only when your skin gets rid of that layer of makeup, you can start with this process.


Wash Your Face

Start by washing your face. Use cold water and ensure that the areas where wrinkles are there are thoroughly washed.


Massage Those Areas

Wash your hands and take some coconut oil into your hands. Gently smear the oil on the wrinkled areas and gently massage. Your goal is to allow your skin absorb it.


Before Bedtime...

Do this for a few days before sleeping. Try to sleep on your back to avoid smearing the oil on your bed sheets.


Don't Use A Moisturiser

It is better to avoid using moisturiser on those days when you apply coconut oil on your wrinkles.


Free Radical Damage

Coconut oil can combat free radical damage and therefore, can effectively prevent the formation of wrinkles.


Eye Bags

Make it a point to apply coconut oil carefully on the skin around your eyes for two reasons. To prevent eye bags and to prevent wrinkles. If you have any spots on your skin, smear a few drops of oil and wash after 10 minutes.


Use It To Remove Make up

You can also use this oil to remove makeup every evening when you come home.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 6:07 [IST]
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