How To Shave If You Have Acne

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While using skin care products for sensitive skin be sure you select the ones which are less sensitive as the skin tends to be inflamed due to acne. It's important to get the skin type right too. Different approaches are needed for different types of skin like dry, normal or oily skin.

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How To Shave If You Have Acne

In this article we are here to share few tips for men as how to shave if you have acne prone skin. Dealing with trying to shave with acne can be misery. The abrupt ruptures and bumps make it difficult for a person to shave as it leads to cuts and bruises. So following few tips to shave your skin makes it easy.

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There are some basic principles that all you men should know about their different types of skin and how to best conquer the shaving process.

Use An Exfoliant
This step helps to get rid of dead skin cells which lifts your stubble and gives a closer shave, leaving your skin smooth and looking well groomed.

How To Shave If You Have Acne

Use Pre-shave Oil
Use pre-shave oiling on the skin. It acts like a lubricator so the razor glides easily over the skin. It also has essential oils that have antiseptic properties, so you reduce the risk of infections in the event of nicks or cuts from shaving.

The best time to shave is after a shower when your skin is warm and soft. Use a gentle razor with a single blade. Change the blade every fortnight as you the blade gets old. Wash the razor with an antiseptic liquid to keep it free from germs for the next use.

Use Shaving Gels
Studies reveal that shaving gel generally leaves a residue on your skin even after shave as it contains essential oils which help to disinfect the skin and it also helps in repairing the skin. Just leave it on your face while you finish having a shower and then rinse it off.

This is a must step. After you have finished your shower, apply a specific moisturiser for your skin type. This helps to retain the moisture and keeps the skin nourished.

These are the few steps to keep your skin clean and clear from acne and boils. If you have any other steps then do share with us in comment section.

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Story first published: Friday, October 23, 2015, 19:39 [IST]
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