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Dangerous Metals In Lipsticks

By Archana Mukherji
Lipstick Cause Cancer? इस वजह से ज्यादा लिपस्टिक लगाने से हो सकता है कैंसर | Boldsky

A lipstick is the favourite cosmetic of every woman. It makes you look elegant when applied. Millions of women apply lipstick on a daily basis. The same is applicable with lip glosses also. But do you know that there are many dangerous metals in lipstick? Read on, to know more.

You must be under the impression that an expensive and branded lipstick is not harmful and does not cause any health hazard. But is this true? Definitely not. May it be a very expensive or a less expensive lipstick or lip gloss, everything is found to have some side-effects on your health.

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Researches have proved that there are many dangerous metals in lipstick such as lead, aluminum, manganese, mercury, chromium, cadmium, cobalt, titanium, arsenic, copper and nickel. There are numerous shades and brands of lipsticks found in the market.

The ratio of these heavy metals vary from one lipstick to another, but all of them do contain at-least a few of these heavy metals, especially lead. The toxic metals in lipstick list down to many health issues.

Women who are very fond of applying lipsticks, touch up even about 20 times a day. So just imagine the quantity of dangerous metals in lipstick that get into your body. Due to its, ill-effects on health, lipstick is actually referred to as "Poison Pen" by researchers.

This article is specially designed for you to learn about the toxic metals in lipstick list.


In about 75% of lipsticks, lead is found to be available in high concentration. Lead can cause neurological and developmental problems in children and is very harmful for pregnant women. Too much of lead content can even cause cancer, mental retardation, fatigue and thyroid dysfunction.


Aluminum is another dangerous metal in lipstick. The intake of this heavy metal by the application of lipstick can cause headaches, many digestive problems, seizures and even Alzheimer's disease in extreme cases.


Arsenic, a heavy metal found in lipsticks, is a toxin. It cause several ill-health conditions such as nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea and even several types of cancers like liver, prostrate, skin and lung cancer.


Cadmium is also one of the dangerous metals in lipstick. The availability of cadmium has been found to cause health risks like hypertension, nausea, diarrhea, cramps and even kidney damage and liver disease.


Mercury is usually found in small quantities in lipsticks, however even these small amounts are related to headaches, nausea, fatigue and in worst cases, even kidney damage and birth defects.


Manganese is another toxic metal found in high concentration in many lipsticks. It is found that the darker shades of lipsticks contain more quantities of these heavy metals as compared to the lighter shades. The intake of manganese can cause neuro-behavioural problems, especially in kids.


Chromium is also found in large quantities in many lipsticks. Chromium is very hazardous to health and is therefore called as human carcinogen. Inhaling this metal or swallowing has been linked to stomach tumours and lung cancer.


Titanium is another heavy metal added to many lipsticks as a stabilizer and whitening agent. It is usually added to dark colours such as red to get the lighter shades like pink.


Nickel is yet another commonly used harmful metal in most of the lipsticks.


Cobalt, which is a heavy metal, is available in many lipsticks causing stomach problems.

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Story first published: Friday, March 27, 2015, 20:01 [IST]
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