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Benefits Of Using Green Gram On Face In Summer


Summer is here to stay and making use of the natural ingredients for your skin is the best tip we can give you. There are a lot of chemical based products in the market which contain elements that are not good enough for your skin, especially your face since it is a delicate.

Therefore, using kitchen or natural remedies is the best as the side effects are not that great when compared to over the counter products. Green gram is one of the best natural ingredients you can use on your face in the summer.


It is naturally pure and is best suited for any skin type. Moreover, green gram also helps to keep your skin cool thus not allowing you to develop pimples and other sort of skin problems. To use this green gram, mix it well with milk, water or rose water.

Use this green gram face pack for your skin in summer to get rid of various problems. Here is what green gram does to your face, take a look:


For Acne

To get rid of acne, using green gram on your face can be quite helpful. Green gram is made into a powder and is mixed with turmeric and then applied as a thick paste on your pimples to dry it up.


For Blackheads

Blackheads can be removed with the help of green gram paste mixed with a little sugar and almond powder. The sugar removes the blackhead and the almond adds a glow on your face.


For Wrinkles

To decrease those lines of ageing, here is how you can use green gram on your face. Apply a thick paste of green gram flour and rose water to your wrinkles every night before you sleep.


For Whiteheads

Removing whiteheads can be made easy with the help of green gram flour mixed with a little milk and salt. Apply the mixture to your face and massage in an upward manner to remove the whiteheads.


For Skin Tightening

Tighten your skin with the help of green gram flour face pack. The flour is mixed with one egg white and then applied first thing in the morning. Rinse well after half an hour.


For Face Wash

To remove those impurities on your face, mix a little gram flour and water. Use this mixture as a face wash. It will help brighten your look.


For Facial Hair

Did you know that green gram flour is one of the best remedies to remove facial hair. To remove the extra hair on your face, make a thick pack of the flour along with tomato juice. Allow it to dry on your face before rinsing it off after an hour.


For Moles

Though moles are a little difficult to remove, you can however try with the help of green gram flour on your face. Apply it your unwanted mole every day to reduce the shade.


For Oily Skin

Put an end to an oily face with the help of using green gram flour on your face. Use rose water to the green gram flour to make a paste for the pack.


For Skin Whitening

You can whiten your skin with the help of gram flour. All you need to do is mix 2 tbsp of gram flour, 1 tsp of lemon and water. Apply this pack to your face to improve your skin tone.

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