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10 Things That Are Making Your Skin Itchy

By Super

What is skin rash? Redness and itchiness with or without hives is generally called a skin rash. It can signal many things, however, the most common reason is due to allergy. Dry, itchy and flaking skin drive us crazy because it is very irritating and disturbing. Sometimes just a moisturiser can help overcome itchy skin. Itchy skin allergy can at times be serious as well and consultation with a dermatologist is always advisable.

Itchy skin allergy is the result of allergens touching the skin. Allergens are considered to be foreign particles that have a negative reaction over the skin. If itchy skin if left unnoticed can aggravate and also cause wounds.The skin is a living, breathing organ, and lack of attention could refrain you from having a good complexion. Itchy skin not only spoils your complexion but also keeps you tensed. You cannot concentrate on any work as your whole concentration gets diverted towards your irritating skin. Eating healthy food has a direct impact on the skin. Sufficient quantity of fluids, juice and water is one of the best remedy for itchy skin allergy because this keeps the body and skin away from dehydration. If you know the reasons for itchy skin allergy, you can avoid the same, well in advance. Here are some most common reasons causing itchy skin, listed for you:



Dry skin and itchy skin are very common skin problems in winter, this being due to the moisture in your skin getting evaporated very quickly by the cold weather outside. A deep moisturising lotion is the best remedy for this.

Similarly, in summer, the harmful ultra violet rays cause itchy skin allergies. It is a very good practice to lavishly apply sunscreen lotions to all exposed areas well in advance before getting exposed to the sun.



The fat present beneath the skin cells keep the skin soft and supple. If your diet does not contain these fats in sufficient quantities, you are viable to be affected with itchy skin.



Don't smoke!! Besides other health risks, the nicotine damages the skin, making it itchy.


Room Humidity:

Indoor heating removes the moisture content in the room, thereby leaving you with chapped, dry skin. So if you really want to use indoor heating, make sure you also use a humidifier.



One increasing reason for itchy skin allergy among adults is the extensive use of perfumes and fragrances over the skin, which have high chemical content.



Many bar soaps are harsh over the skin because they are detergent based. They remove the natural oils in the skin and leave it dry and rough.


Nickel Jewelery:

Nickel is used to create metal alloys that are found in many metal products, including jewelery and body piercings. Earlobe dermatitis is common because many earrings contain nickel.



Latex is a milky fluid that comes from rubber trees. If you skin becomes red and itchy after using gloves or condoms, then you are allergic to latex.



It is always advisable to wear cotton, silk, or other soft, smooth fabrics next to your skin, to allow it to "breathe".


Hair Dyes and Tattoos:

Hair dyes and tattoos contain strong chemicals which eventually lead to itchy skin.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 31, 2015, 7:04 [IST]
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