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Surprising Things That Cause Ageing

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There are many things in and around us that cause ageing. But, there are many things apart from age factors that forms wrinkles on your skin. Knowing them is very important as only then you can avoid wrinkles more effectively. You do many things in your day to day life that makes your skin age fast. Here are a few things that causes ageing.

Television- Did you know that watching television is harmful not only for your eyes, but also for your skin. If you watch TV for too long then the rays emitted by the TV makes you age fast. So, it is always advisable to watch TV from a distance and at the same time reduce the time of watching it. This is among one of the most surprising things that causes ageing.


Pollution- If you are among the ones who has to go out in the sun daily then there are increased chances of your developing wrinkles early. That is because of the fact that the chemicals present in the fuel emission of vehicles spoil the natural elasticity in your skin and causes it to age fast.

Too Much Cleansing- Nothing of too much is good. Did you know that when you cleanse your face too many times a day you strip them off all the natural oils that tighten your skin naturally. This causes the skin to loosen up and wrinkle untimely. To avoid wrinkles you need to cleanse your face just once or twice a day.

Drinking- Not only the drinks that you take but also the way you drink them makes you age fast. When you have a drink with the help of a straw then there you are putting pressure on the skin around your lips and cheek. Too much of this action may lead to the formation of wrinkles in these parts of the face. So, to avoid wrinkles at an early stage why not avoid drinking this way.

Eating Habits- What you eat influences your looks a lot. If you have a sweet tooth then there are high chances of you to age fast. Too much sugar in the blood leads to a process called glycation which damages the collagen in skin. This results the skin to loosen up and cause wrinkles.

Work- Work can affect your skin in two ways. One is stress and the other is the air conditioner in your office. Stress speeds up cell ageing. And the air conditioner makes your skin dry thus accelerating the ageing process.

Thus it is better to avoid all these if you do not want to age fast.

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