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6 Unusual Peel Off Face Masks

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At times, you may feel the untrained beauticians pulling out the face mask on skin with the skin. They hardly care if your skin sags or suffers rash. And when you feel you have had enough of the beauty treatment, you are slapped with a heavy bill.

Homemade face masks are the best as you can prepare it whenever you want and need not worry about expiry or brand. They are natural fruit and flower extract, very mild, gentle but effective. Take a look to know how to make these natural beauty recipes.

Homemade Peel Off Face Masks

Peel Off Mask | Homemade Face Masks | Natural Beauty Recipes

1. Citrus Peel Off Mask – The most popular orange peel off mask is easy to make at home. It is easy as the peel of the fruit can be sun dried, powdered and stored in an air tight container. Whenever you plan to apply a mask, you can add a few teaspoons with unflavoured gelatin and applied like a mask. Adding a teaspoon of honey will work like an anti aging component. You can add any vegetable or fruit pulp with hot gelatin.

2. Strawberry Wheat Flour Mask – For dry and combination skin types, this is one of the best homemade face masks. Freshly ground strawberries are mixed with wheatflour, a drop of almond oil and milk. The soft dough is applied on face and peeled off after it dries completely.

3. Lemon And Egg Peel Off Mask – The yellow portion of the egg is mixed with a few drops of lemon. The blackhead peel off mask is applied all over the face (except the eye area) and peeled when dry. The thin mask effectively removes blackheads.

4. Clay Masks – You can use fuller's earth with aloe vera and rose water. The mask is no less than any artificial polymer, clay or gum mask. It effectively removes sebum, dead skin and dirt that block skin cells and cause acne.

5. Anti Aging Peel Off Mask – Oatmeal and bran are excellent natural face masks. Combining the pulp with papaya or tomato, fresh cream and sugar will nourish skin and maintain it youthful forever.

Peel Off Mask | Homemade Face Masks | Natural Beauty Recipes

6. Tapioca Pearls And Aloe Vera Peel Off Mask – Soak a handful of tapioca in a cup of water and leave it for about four hours. The soaked pearls are mixed with aloe vera gel and applied on face. The face mask is as powerful as chemical peel masks and works best for oily and sensitive skin. Soothes skin and cures acne scars.

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