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Do's & Dont's Before Piercing Navel

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Navel Piercing
You have worked hard to get that flat, toned stomach and now you are thinking of getting your navel pierced. It does look sensuous and is very attractive, but there are a lot of things to consider before and after you have it pierced.

Firstly you have to mentally prepare yourself that navel piercings take around 3-4 months on an average to heal and in certain cases almost 9-12 months depending on your skin, health, weight and other facts. Secondly and most importantly you have to remember that you will have to make many changes in your daily lifestyle to take care of it.

Lets look at some Do's and Dont's while piercing your navel.

Before navel piercing:

1. Clean your navel- The navel is a crevice in the body, which tends to accumulate a lot of dirt. So before you pay a visit to the clinic to get it pierced, take a clean bud and gently clean out the dirt. You can dip it in some lotion and clean it too, but make very sure, not to dig too hard and clean it out gently.

2. Shop for loose clothing- Your navel piercing is hinged onto a very delicate part of your skin and if you wear tight T Shirts or a tight pair of jeans it will rub against your skin, and can cause you a lot of irritation and pain. So be ready with a lot of pajamas and loose tops for the first few months.

3. Buy Reputed Jewellery- You might be tempted to pick some fancy jewelery off the street, but beware, this might cause a lot of problems post the piercing. Always go in for branded jewelery and remember only because the store has a lot of piercing jewelery, it does not mean its good.

Care after piercing navel:

1. Don't meddle- It might be very tempting to look at your pretty new navel piercing or show it off to your friends, but be very careful not to tug or pull it too much as it might lead to infection and delay the healing process.

2. Watch your sleeping posture- This is something you will have to definitely keep in mind, especially in the first three months. If you are one of those people that sleep on your stomach, you will have to keep a lot of pillows around you to prevent you from doing that. Sleeping on your stomach will push your piercing around, leading to cuts and tears.

3. Don't change your jewelery often- You might want to try out new piercings after you have your navel pierced, but remember you will be damaging your skin more if you change it without waiting for it to heal completely.

Piercing your navel is a big step and you must be mentally and physically prepared to deal with the changes before and after the piercing.

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Story first published: Friday, June 15, 2012, 8:56 [IST]
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