Glycerine Face Masks For Skin Care

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Glycerine is one of the best remedies for natural skin care. It one of the best natural moisturisers that one can use to their benefit. It is used for both cosmetic purposes and in some medicines that are used for treating several skin conditions. But it is always better to use glycerine in a diluted form on skin or else it might cause harm. Here are a few natural face masks with glycerine that will keep your skin hydrated apart from making it glow.

Glycerine And Honey- Take 1tbsp of honey and 1tbsp of glycerine. Mix well and apply all over your face and neck. Glycerine is ideal for skin care this way. Wash off your skin after 15-20 minutes and you will find yourself left with beautifully hydrated and glowing skin.


Glycerine And Bananas- Take 1tbsp of glycerine and 3tbsp of mashed bananas in a small bowl. Mix them well and gently apply this glycerine mixture on facial skin and wash off after 20-25 minutes. The minerals in banana will replenish your skin with vital nutrients. Your skin will become much more blemish free after the wash.

Glycerine And Oats- Blend 3-4tbsp of oats in a mixer and keep it aside. Now mix 2tbsp of glycerine in it. This is one of the natural face masks that will also act as a facial scrub. You just have to rub it in clockwise and then anti-clockwise directions while you wash it off after 10-15 minutes. Glycerine will moisturise your skin and the oat will remove all the black heads and dead skin cells.

Glycerine, Egg And Lemon- Take 1tbsp of glycerine in a small bowl and add one egg white and 3-4tbsp lemon juice to it. Mix well and apply it on your face. Wash it off after 10-15 minutes. This is one of the most awesome natural face masks that will make you a tone fairer along with hydrating your skin.

Clay And Glycerine- Glycerine is good for skin and so is clay. For effective skin care, mix 1tbsp of clay and 2tbsp of glycerine in a small bowl and apply it on your face and neck. Wash it off with cold water after about 15 minutes. Glycerine will prove ideal for your skin with clay. Apart from making you fairer, it will also make your skin smoother and softer than before.

You may put all these skin care tips in your skin care regime for healthy skin. Apply these natural face masks only once or twice a week and not more than that.

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