Tips For Proper Upper Lip Hair Removal

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Upper lip Hair
Upper lip hair removal is a painful and delicate task. Unfortunately, most women don't know the proper methods and after effects of facial hair removal for women. You cannot afford to take the same liberties as the rest of your body with your face. Firstly, facial skin and hair is more delicate than the rest of the body. Moreover, it is the most visible part of body! How can you cane chances with you face?

Thus, it always better to put your trust in an expert when it comes for upper lip hair removal. The most acceptable way to get rid of unwanted upper lip hair threading. Get your upper lips done from a decent salon and then try out these home remedies to ease hair removal pain.

  • Always hold your skin tight to stretch it out. This ensures proper hair removal and also reduces the pain.
  • Apply cold water or ice immediately after upper lip hair removal to get rid of the redness and numb the area of the pain.
  • Use some antiseptic solution or lotion to take care of the small cuts and scratches.

Alternative Upper Lip Hair Removal Ideas:

  • Plucking: You can pluck out hair from your upper lips with tweezers. This kind of facial hair removal for women can be done at home but there are some problems with it. While doing it yourself you may not be able to make a clean sweep. This would mean uneven hair growth the next time around making you look weird.
  • Waxing: It is a quick and instant process with its benefits. While waxing all the upper lip hair is pulled out at once so the pain is substantially less. Moreover, the whole thing comes off neatly. It can also be used as a home remedy for hair removal as there are wax strips available for personal use these days. However, waxing will mean extra hair growth the next time around. So be prepared for a thick mustache.
  • Facial Hair Removal Creams For Women: Some women use creams to remove upper lip hair but it is a very bad idea. If you do this you are running the risk of damaging your facial skin forever. The creams are basically evasive methods of hair removal, they contain chemicals that can darken the skin under your nose forming shadows on your face. It can also cause allergic rashes but what it definitely does is increase hair growth.
  • Permanent Hair Removal: Laser therapy, these days, can rid you of unwanted hair for good. It is an expensive procedure but it will save you the recurring costs of waxing, threading, etc. However, it is a relatively new procedure and all its pros and cons are still not known so go for it at your own risk.

Use these natural beauty tips to choose the best upper lip hair removal method for yourself.

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Story first published: Friday, September 23, 2011, 16:11 [IST]
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