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Is Your Skin Whitening Cream Safe?

By Super Admin

Our skin tone is determined by a substance called melanin and pigmentation. These two factors save our skin from harmful sun rays and other elements. Depending on genetic factors, every person has certain skin tone but no matter how modern the society becomes we all crave for fair skin and the reality is that no natural substance can change the skin tone. Natural substance can only cure the external elements which lead to skin darkening.

The only effort respite to ones who crave for fair skin is the skin whitening creams. These skin whitening creams have substances which do change the skin tone but have side effects and even the fairness is not permanent. Lets look at some of the harmful elements of the skin whitening creams -

1.Hydroquinone – Hydroquinone is a skin whitening cream harmful element widely used by every small and big cosmetic brand. With regular usage gets the element to settle in the skin tissues, thus damaging the skin cells. Several researches have proved the link between this element and cancer. This harmful element in skin whitening creams also gives rise to conditions like Ochronosis. The basic symptoms of this disease is dark and thick skin, along with grey and yellow spots.

2.Mercury – Mercury is another harmful element of skin whitening creams which lightens skin colour by damaging the natural skin pigmentation. The damaging of natural skin pigmentation later leads to white spots, skin discolouration and dark patches.

3.Hydrogen Peroxide – This a widely used harmful element of skin whitening, which gets absorbed easily in the skin tissues and results in gastric problems and body pain. This element may also lead loss of natural pigmentation, thus loose skin, dark and white patches and skin discolouration.

These are the three harmful elements found in skin whitening creams and thus, it is best to restore to natural skin whitening treatment.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 19, 2011, 17:51 [IST]
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