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Remove The Holi Color In 10 Easy Ways!

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Remove holi Color
The festival of colors is a beautiful sight to see, but what happens when you are prone to the dangers of what this Indian Festival of colors can do to your hair or skin!

The aftermath of Holi is bad if precaution is not taken before you get beautiful colors on you. You need to take care of your skin and hair as the chemical in the holi powder might cause a reaction on you.

To have a safe Indian festival of colors here are a few tips to do before you indulge in playing Holi and a few after care tips on how to remove holi!

1.For hair care, apply olive oil or coconut oil so that that color does not stick to the hair. The oil in the hair will also help to remove holi washed off with cold water.

2.For the skin ,if you are prone to skin allergies and skin rashes , then appropriate care needs to be taken. Using vaseline on the lips and nails which will help the color not to stick and stain too.

3.This Indian festival of colors Holi, is a time for fun and enjoyment. So take care before you step out of your home. Due to the chemicals in the colors, it can cause eye irritation too, wash the eye immediately if any color goes in.

4.To safeguard your body from the holi colors, protect yourself by wearing on either a swim suit inside or a set of light clothes.

5.Use sunscreen lotion on your face to protect yourself from the sun as well as not let the color stick to your face for a long period. Tjis will also help to remove holi from the skin easily.

6.If you find it difficult to remove holi color from your body, try applying oil or vaseline , wiping it off later with a damp cloth and then having a cold water bath.

7.Care not to use alcohol, removers, petrol etc to remove the color as it can cause skin rashes and allergies.

8.Natural ways to remove the holi color would be by rubbing your skin with lemon and wheat flour mixed with oil, before washing it off with cold water.

9.For those who you who have acne. Skin allergies and skin rash is bound to follow after you play this Indian festival of colors, Holi. The best use to take away the holi color is to wash your face with Cetaphil cleanser followed by applying an antiseptic cream.

10.Make note not to rub your face in a harsh manner in order to remove holi color as the color reacts fast with open skin.

For this Indian festival of colors, follow these holi tips and you are bound to have a safe and happy Indian Festival.

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Story first published: Friday, March 18, 2011, 17:10 [IST]
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