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Simple Methods To Remove Genital Hair!

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Remove Genital Hair
Genital hair can be an embarrassing thing if you want to wear a bikini. Removing genital hair with waxing like Brazilian wax can be very painful and expensive. Even people feel shy to go for genital waxing. Therefore here are tips to remove genital hair naturally and get rid of pubic hair. It is very important to keep the pubic area clean as it is very sensitive and prone to suffer from skin diseases.

Genital hair removal methods:

Shaving: A razor is an immediate and easy method to remove genital hair. Wash the area and apply foam like a body wash or soap foam and then use a razor. Be careful while using it to avoid getting cuts. Shaving is a temporary genital hair removal method and the growth starts again in 2-3 days. Even the area becomes hard which can be a problem for your partner during lovemaking.

Hair removal creams: Using a hair removal cream is a common method to remove pubic hair also. It is not at all painful while it cleans the pubic area completely. Follow instructions and remove the pubic hair without any pain but it is good to seldom use this method. The creams contain strong chemicals like bleach which darkens the skin and if you are prone to skin allergies or infection then the chances increase more.

Waxing: Pubic hair removal with waxing can be a tough job. A normal waxing is painful and waxing the sensitive genital area can be more difficult. Waxing is a nice method to remove pubic hair and the growth is also not immediate. The waxing method to remove genital hair is different form normal waxing. The hair is trimmed and then wax is applied. The skin is held tight and then the strap is pulled from the direction of the hair growth. In the beginning, the pain can be intolerable but with 3-4 sessions, you will not feel so much pain and the growth will also reduce.

Sugaring: A gel or paste made of sugar boiled in water and mixed with lemon juice. This is also one of the best and natural ways to remove genital hair at home. The hair growth can be decreased up to 6 weeks and the pain is also minimum.

Try these simple genital hair removal methods at home and feel comfortable in wearing bikinis or swimsuit whilst maintaining hygiene.

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Story first published: Monday, August 29, 2011, 15:31 [IST]
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