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Elite Facials: Oxygen Therapy And Benefits

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Oxy Bleach
With more and more celebrities talking about the oxygen therapy, let's give a brief about the skin treatment. Chemical peel, facelifts are common cosmetic treatments but a therapy using oxygen is effective say skin experts. Oxygen therapy that includes oxygen facial that a rejuvenation skin treatment for ageing skin.

Generally, the face skin looks pale, dull and lifeless due to the reduced supply of oxygen. The skin facial replenishes the lost oxygen and repairs lines, wrinkles making it crystal clear and acne free.

The facial consists of three things: the serum application, face polish and body polish. The anti bacterial serum is quite expensive and requires a reasonable knowledge for usage. Which is why the treatments are done in skin clinics as well as luxury salons. Many celebrities like Megan Fox, Madonna and Kate Middleton have undergone the surgery and now you know the secret behind their good looks.

Normally, scrubs and facials remove dead skin cells and make the skin clearer and feel softer but the oxygen facial stimulates skin cell regeneration where the skin is repaired much quickly than the natural regeneration. And that is why oxygen facial is the ultimate facial.

A person undergoing this sophisticated skin treatment obtains beautiful blemish free skin. The facial delivers pulsating oxygen through serum that is absorbed skin deep and helps in restructuring. The skin firmness, elasticity and health are under absolute care.

Oxygen Facial Benefits:

1. Can be used by all skin types.
2. A luxurious and sophisticated skin treatment.
3. Fine lines and wrinkle free face.
4. A good under eye and sun damage treatment
5. Cures acne with the anti bacterial properties.

More On The Facial

The serum containing a high pressured blast of the air is quite penetrative and does a good job in all the hidden layers of the epidermis. It is also packed with vitamins, minerals and collagen. The best part about the facial is that the results are immediate.

A Spa Experience – The facial is very relaxing. The oxy air chills and puffs the skin and pampers face like as if you were exposed to the most clearest form of air in the world.

It is a non surgical treatment unlike others. Priced about £45 to £150 if undergone in a 5 star spa.

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Story first published: Monday, December 26, 2011, 11:22 [IST]
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