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The Mirror reports, that Kate Middleton's one of the beauty therapy for the wedding consisted of oxygen facial from the Retreat beauty salon in Newbury. Kate Middleton has always preferred to flaunt her natural beauty and thus, chose to go for the oxygen therapy on suggestion of her sister and chief bridesmaid Pippah. This facial has also been a hit among several other celebrities and with the would be princess herself taking it up, the demands have risen.

Apart from the oxygen cream and the mask the basic process of oxygen facial is the use of a technology to insert oxygen along with other nutrients in deeper depths of the skin. The serum containing oxygen and other nutrients in high pressure and force is put in the skin cells to the lower levels of the epidermis. The purpose of the this is to increase the absorption of the nutrients and other health properties. We need additional source of oxygen because due pollution, the level of oxygen in the environment is fast depleting and though our body may breath in enough to survive, it is not enough for skin. Our kin needs oxygen as it is the agent for cell growth. Here are some other benefits of Oxygen facial -

1.One of the first requirement of skin health is right amount of oxygen to maintain and grow skin cells. With age, sun exposure and pollution, the skin needs to repair itself but due to lack of oxygen it cannot thus, giving path to aging, wrinkles, dark patches, dull skin etc. One of the benefits of oxygen facial thus, is anti-aging.

2.One of the most important benefits of oxygen facial is that it enhances the skin's regenerative powers. The skin own healing power helps to cure burns, scars, wounds etc quickly without leaving a mark behind.

3.this therapy also prevents and protects the body from bacterial and virus attack. A skin with enough oxygen, does not let bacterias survive. It is the skin's own healing power which protects it fron pimples, acne etc.

4.Soon after the facial, the skin looks smooth, plump and fresh. That is because the oxygen which has reached the cellular level promotes the production of collagen and elastin. Both these agents makes the skin look ten times younger and brings back the elasticity of the skin.

So, when are you going for an facial?

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Story first published: Friday, April 29, 2011, 14:02 [IST]
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