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    Use Glycerin For Perfect Skin Care!

    By Nandhini Devi
    Glycerin For Skin

    Glycerin is a commonly used as an ingredient in many beauty and cosmetic products. Using glycerin helps in keeping the skin soft and supple. Glycerin also helps in building the skin structure. This colourless and odourless liquid is also used in pharmaceutical and medical products.

    Though pure glycerin might have a few adverse effects on your skin, when used in a diluted form, glycerin plays a vital role in skin care. Let us have look a the multiple uses of glycerin for your skin.

    Uses of Glycerin for skin

    1.Mix together a teaspoon of honey, glycerin and olive oil. Apply and leave it for 20 minutes before washing off. This will make dry skin soft and hydrated.

    2.Psoriasis, a skin disease, where the skin cells shed before they mature can be treated by application of glycerin. Glycerin helps the cells to complete the maturation process, thus curing this skin disease.

    3.Dark and chapped lips too can be treated by the application of glycerin. You can apply diluted glycerin directly or mix it with milk cream and apply it before going to bed.

    4.Not only does glycerin make dry skin soft, it also has uses for oily skin. Mix a spoon of glycerin with fuller's earth. Apply this on the skin and wash it off after 10 minutes. This will remove excessive oil glands from your skin.

    5.Application of glycerin that has been mixed with lemon juice, is an excellent moisturizer for your hands.

    6.Mix together glycerin and rosewater and apply on your face. This mixture works well as a skin toner.

    7.A glycerin peel-off prepared using egg white, honey and glycerin is a simple, yet effective way to get rid of clogs and dead skin.

    These are some of the many uses that glycerin offers for your skin. Try glycerin today to give a makeover to your skin.

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