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Shraddha Kapoor’s Beauty Secrets For Glowing Skin And Fit Body

She is pretty, stylish, and known for her brilliant performances. Actress Shraddha Kapoor has carved a niche for herself in Bollywood and is often praised for her on and off-duty looks. Makeup or no makeup, Ms.Kapoor manages to look beautiful at all times. Shraddha Kapoor's beauty secrets are simple, straightforward, and adaptable by anyone and everyone!

Image: Instagram

Keep reading to know her beauty secrets, strict food habits, and fitness regimen that you can easily follow:

Ensures To Remove Makeup

Being in the glamour world means you have to put a whole lot of makeup on the face. While there are no complaints about it, Shraddha makes sure to remove the makeup post her shoots.

She uses a mild makeup remover and cleanser to remove all the makeup and traces of it. It allows the skin to breathe and be fresh. She then applies a moisturizer to hydrate the skin. This is her everyday beauty ritual before going to sleep.

No Outdoors Without Sunscreen

This is a common yet effective skincare routine that everyone should follow. Harsh sun rays damage the skin and make it look dull pathy, and tired. That's why applying SPF 50 suntan or sunscreen lotion is what Shraddha recommends!

Apply sunscreen to the areas i.e face, hands, legs, etc which will be exposed to the sun when you head out. You got to keep your skin protected from sun damage!

Believes in Good Oil Champi

A head massage with a natural hair oil is Shraddha's secret to her lovely and envious tresses. The good old oil champi or massage helps the oil reach your scalp and activates the hair follicles. It promotes hair growth and reduces dandruff, and split ends issues too. What's more? You will get a sound, tension-free sleep post-head oil massage.

For hair washing, Ms.Kapoor uses natural, organic shampoo and conditioner. She advises using natural, chemical-free products that are not harmful to the hair. Your crowning glory should be your pride and you must care for it, Shraddha firmly believes in this beauty mantra!

Image: Instagram

Eats Healthy

There is no particular diet that Shradhha follows but believes in eating good and healthy food. She carries her tiffin onto the sets and eats a protein-rich food including dals, pulses, green veggies, etc. In between meal times, she eats nuts, fresh fruits, and healthy munchies.

Shradhha feels, whatever you eat reflects on your face and body. So you must keep a tab on what you eat. Eat everything but in moderation. Like the rest of us, she also looks forward to the cheat days when she enjoys her favorite not-so-healthy stuff like chocolates, bakery products, etc. But ensures to work out the following day. She feels there has to be a balance in everything you do, including your eating habits.

Stays Hydrated

Shraddha follows this prime beauty and wellness rule - staying hydrated by drinking loads of water. So 10-12 glasses of water is a must for her. There are no excuses for not drinking enough water. Shraddha feels water is the key to keeping your skin feel hydrated, healthy, and shiny.

Water intake removes all the toxins from your body. So when you start drinking enough water, you notice the positive differences in your skin, hair, and overall being!

Works Out Daily

The secret to Shraddha's fabulous body is a daily workout regimen, She alternates between cardio, yoga, and pilates exercises. She feels you have to keep it moving to see positive results on your body.

A good, healthy diet and a daily workout session run parallel, which gives you the positive results that you hope for. So it is crucial to keep a balance between both these things!

Carries a Lip Balm

Lip balms are handy beauty products that not only hydrate your lips but also add a bit of shimmer to your lips. Shraddha always carries a lip balm in her purse and uses it whenever she is skipping on the lipstick or feels her lips need a bit of hydration and softness!

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