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9 Tips For Faster Beard Growth

Gone are the days when the clean-shaven look was the hottest trend. Now is the time for the rough and rugged beard look. Beards are special. Beard becomes a part of your personality and once you take the beard look, it is almost impossible to go back. But the long and well-groomed beard you so admire is not that easy to achieve. To grow the beard requires patience and work. In fact, it is the task of growing the beard that put off many men from rocking the glorious beard look.

While your genetics and age are the major parameters in determining the rate of your beard growth and its quality, certain tricks can help you glide through the process smoothly. These tricks majorly involve taking proper care of your beard and following a beard-growth friendly diet.

Whether it is a full-grown beard look or subtle stubble look you are aiming for, follow these tips to give your beard the exact boost it needs and stimulate healthy beard growth.


Tip 1- Keep Your Skin Clean

Wash your face in the morning with a gentle cleanser. Keeping your skin clean and removing all the dirt and grime of the previous day and boosts the beard growth.


Tip 2- Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating plays a great role in your beard growth. If the hair follicles are not kept clean, the beard growth will be hampered. Use a gentle exfoliator to clean your pores and refresh the hair follicles at least once a week.


Tip 3- Keep It Moisturised

If you don’t cater to your beard daily, it starts to become coarse and rough. You need to moisturise and condition your beard to keep it healthy and promote strong beard growth. There are various beard products available to achieve that.


Tip 4- Pay Attention To The Skin Underneath

Often we take care of the beard hair but forget to pay attention to the skin underneath. But, how do you expect your beard to grow when you are ignoring its roots? So, any product use for your beard should be applied to the skin underneath as well.


Tip 5- Keep Your Hands Off The Beard

While you are growing out your beard, the first few weeks you might feel itchy. This is your skin getting used to your beard. And no matter how tempting or frustrating it is, do not scratch your face. Constant touching the face or the beard can hamper its growth.


Tip 6- Groom It

It is not only your hair that needs to be trimmed for healthy growth, but your beard as well. While you are on the process of growing your beard get it trimmed and groomed regularly. This will also help you achieve the look you want to go for.


Tip 7- Go For A Beard-Friendly Diet

You do everything right and care for your beard in the best way possible, but still, the beard growth is slow? Your diet might be the problem. While in the process of growing out your beard, eat healthily. Consuming protein and vitamin-rich fruits and foods will help boost beard growth.


Tip 8- Treat Your Beard With Some Essential oil Massage

Just like the intake of essential vitamins matter, their topical application also helps boost the beard growth. Essential oils are rich in vitamins and minerals that are needed to stimulate the hair follicles. So, massage your beard with essential oils.

7 Essential Oils To Promote Beard Growth


Tip 9- Rest Well

During your sleep, your skin cells repair themselves and thus help maintain your skin health. And refreshed skin will help stimulate the hair follicles to boost beard growth.

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