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How To Trim Your Beard Like A Pro- The Easy Guide

Growing a beard is just the beginning. The real task starts after that. And that is to maintain a healthy-looking beard. Those who have beard will definitely relate to that. Your beard can not be left to its own devices. Beard adds a bold statement to your personality, but only if groomed properly. An ill-kept beard would do nothing for you.
The best way to groom your beard is to trim it regularly. While most of us go to salons to get this ginormous task done, it can quite efficiently be done at the comfort of your home. You just need to know the right technique and have the right tools.
Keeping that in mind, today we teach you how to trim your beard the right way.

How To Trim Your Beard


Step 1: Clean your beard

Image Credits: BeardsgaardBarbers

A clean beard is the starting point of your trimming the beard journey. A dirty and untamed beard can be difficult to work with. A clean and soft beard will make your task so much easier.
To clean your beard, use a beard shampoo that is developed specifically for your beard. After washing the beard, use a beard conditioner. It will soften your beard.

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Step 2: Brush your beard

The next step us brushing through your beard. Get a beard comb to do this job. Before combing through your beard make sure that the beard is completely dry from washing. Run the comb from the roots to the ends. This will make the trimming process easier and also defined the length and shape of beard to work with.


Step 3: Start trimming

Now is the time to start trimming. Start slow. You don't want to cut your beard too short at one go. Work with a pace that makes gives you room to adjust minor mistakes (considering you are a beginner at trimming the beard). Put on the widest guard on your trimmer, set the trimmer to its longest setting and start trimming the beard.

The longest setting is ideal for getting the beard to the desired length. While you are doing that, trim against the direction of your hair. To get your desired beard shape, change your trimmer setting to the shortest. Use short strokes to shape your beard.

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Step 4: Shape and trim the neckline

To get a clean look, you must trim your neckline. Most of us skip this area and why the beard looks so rugged. This is also the part with most the most chances of you messing up. First, you need to define the neckline. To do that, place a finger on your Adam's apple and trim your beard just below it in a vertical line in the centre and a curve towards the ears creating almost a ‘U' shape. Your natural jawline will be your point of reference here.

Once you have defined the neckline, use the trimmer to trim the hair towards your jawline. Then use a razor to shave the hair below your defined jawline to get a clean and crisp look.


Step5: Get on with that moustache

Your moustache is an intrinsic part of your beard. You need to trim it as well. After you have trimmed your beard, brush your moustache hair down. Remove the guard from your trimmer and with short and precise strokes trim the elongated moustache hair over your lips. You can also clip the sides of your moustache with a pair of scissors.


Step 6: Seal the deal with some beard oil

Lastly, to complete the process, apply some beard oil all over your beard. Beard oil keeps your beard moisturised, soft and healthy. It also makes it easy to manage the unruly beard. Make sure that your run your beard oil-coated fingers through your beard to get the oil to the skin underneath your beard. Comb through your beard to evenly spread the oil and you are done!

Handly Tips To Keep In Mind

  • Invest in proper beard trimming tools.
  • Before trimming the beard yourself, make sure you are comfortable with using the trimmer.
  • Do not trim a wet beard. The end result can be very different from expected.
  • Before trimming, keep in mind the style you want to go for.
  • For your first try, do not opt for a drastic change in your beard style.

Your Doubts About How To Trim Beard Answered Here

Q. What is a good length for short beard?

A. A great length for short beard would be an inch or two below your chin.

Q. Should I trim the sides of my beard?

A. Beard growth can be uneven. While one part grows fast, the other side may lag. If you feel one side of your beard is longer than the other, trim the shorter side to get an even shape.

Q. Does trimming beard help growth?

A. Yes, trimming the beard after set intervals will help beard growth. However, it will not happen immediately. Growing beard is a long process.

Q. Does trimming facial hair make it thicker?

A. No, it just appears thicker. Trimmed hair has blunt tips that make it look coarse and thicker as it grows. But, it is not.

Q. How often should I trim my beard?

A. You can trim your beard once in a week. It is a personal choice that depends on your preference. If you have a shorter beard and you want to maintain that length you might need to trim it every alternate day.

Story first published: Monday, March 2, 2020, 15:29 [IST]
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