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No Shave November Special: How To Straighten The Curly Beard

It is No Shave November peeps. The time of the year when all the hunks boycott anything related to chopping the beard and embrace the beard look. But that is not true for all of them. There are some men who love sporting the beard look all year round. Beard becomes a part of your personality.

But that is not to say it is a piece of cake managing a beard, especially the curly beard. The fact of the matter is that it is easier to grow a beard than managing it. And talking about the curly beard, it comes with its own set of issues that can make the beard look dull, lifeless and damaged and that in turn affects your entire look. And so, we bring to you some effective ways to straighten your hair and make it more manageable.

Why Do You Have Curly Beard?

Before we move on to how to straighten the beard hair, let's understand the crux of the situation- why do you have a curly beard? Well, there can be multiple reasons for that. It can be due to something completely out of your control such as genetics or it can also be because of lack of proper care of your beard.

What we mean by genetics are the unsymmetrical hair follicles. If your hair isn't symmetrically shaped, then your beard grows out curly hair.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that your beard needs care and grooming. Just growing out the beard is not enough. If you fail to take proper care of your beard, it can also cause damage to the beard hair and thus lead to curly beard hair.

Why Straighten The Beard?

The curly beard might look lustrous and luxurious, but what good is it if it isn't healthy? Just like curly hair, the curly beard also is a tedious feat to manage. Tangles in the beard, damaged hair texture, unruly and frizziness are all the issues that come with the curly beard.

And so, if you want to maintain a bouncy and healthy beard, straightening it seems like a good way to go. That being said, if you love sporting a curly beard look and can manage it, rock that curly beard in style.

How To Straighten Curly Beard

1. Using oils to nourish and straighten

Okay, let's start with something natural and nourishing. There are many beard oils available in the market these days that are infused with essential ingredients to keep your beard healthy. Beard oils are applied to the skin underneath your beard to nourish your hair follicles and ensure healthy hair growth. However, before applying the beard oils, we suggest you wash your beard and let it dry for some time. It can be used every day for best results. Beard oil also helps to make it easier to comb through the beard.

And if you are not comfortable spending a huge amount on beard oils, you can try oils available at your homes such as coconut oil, almond oil or jojoba oil.

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2. Use the beard comb and keep in trend as well

Did you know that there comes a special comb for your beard? Yep, that is correct. A beard comb is smaller in size with wide and sturdy bristles to make it easier to comb through your beard. Not only that, but it also helps to equally distribute sebum through your beard hair, thus maintains beard health.

There is another type of beard comb available in the market. This one is special as it has a heating element attached to it. This provides heat to your beard hair as you comb through it.

Use these combs to straighten and untangle your hair.

3. With the help of a beard conditioner

Your beard needs to be cleaned properly and at regular intervals. And for that, we would suggest you use a beard conditioner instead of your regular shampoo. The regular shampoo can strip the moisture of your beard hair and make it frizzy. The beard conditioner will help tame and straighten the beard hair.

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4. Brush it out whenever you can

Another easy way to straighten your beard is to comb through your hair regularly. You will be surprised by how effective this simple step is. Thoroughly combed beard looks much better and straight without doing much fuss. Keep your beard hair untangled always and be gentle while you comb through your hair.

5. How about a beard relaxing cream

There is an option to permanently straighten your beard without the use of harsh chemicals and that is a beard cream that relaxes, strengthens and straightens your beard. Using a beard cream is an extensive way to straighten your hair without causing a great deal of damage. However, it is an elaborate method that requires you to follow a lot of steps. But, we assure you, it is all worth it in the end.

Read the instruction at the back thoroughly before you use the cream and by the end of it, you will have a healthy and straight beard.

6. Blow drying to the rescue

Well, heat styling method always works to straighten the hair, doesn't it? So while you can use the heat styling tools such as a blow dryer to straighten your beard, we would suggest you keep its usage to the minimum.

You can also use the cold air settings in the blow dryer to straighten your beard and minimise the damage. Just remember while you blow-dry your hair use a comb to constantly brush through your beard.

7. A mini straightener is also an option

Lastly, we have the age-old technique of using a straightener. A straightener, no doubt, will straighten your beard but there is a high chance of damage to your beard as well. So, use it to the minimum and only when there is no other method left to tame the beard.

For straightening your hair, use a mini straightener that is easy to use and control on the beard. Keep the temperature in check as well. Very high temperature can end up damaging your beard hair. And when you are done, apply some beard oil on it to make up for any moisture loss.

Tips To Deal With Curly Beard

If you love your curly beard and don't want to straighten it or just didn't get to straightening your beard yet, here are a few tips on how to manage the curly beard and make life a little bit easier for you.

  • Don't wash your beard more than thrice a week.
  • Do not touch your beard frequently.
  • Do not tug on your beard.
  • Trim the beard at regular intervals, especially if it has split ends.
  • Always use a wide-toothed comb for your beard.
  • Regulate the amount of heat you are providing to your beard.
Story first published: Monday, November 4, 2019, 13:08 [IST]
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