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Actor Dheeraj Dhoopar Speaks About His New Hairstyle In Sherdil Shergill

Actor Dheeraj Dhoopar is known for his hairdos, so much so that his fans from all over the globe try connecting with him for tips and tricks. But as an audience we seldom think of how important a hairstyle would be to get into a character.

Recently you may have noticed that Dheeraj has changed his hairdo from what he used to have in his previous show.

In his previous show, the actor had a clean gelled back look with puff and now for his show Sherdil Shergill he has more flicks and more towards being boy-next-door-ish.

Sources close to the actor say that Dheeraj is extremely particular about his hairdo for a reason. They say that he puts in a lot of effort not just to look good but to also completely get into the character. They also confirmed that the actor spends over Rs 50,000 on his hair every month. This includes maintenance and products to experiment with different looks.

Dheeraj Shoopar says, "My hairdo is as important to me as anything else. I believe that for a male actor his hairdo plays a very important role. Right from looking the part that you are playing to looking good on screen, hairstyle plays a very important role. I have made a very conscious effort to carry a very different hairdo for Sherdil Shergill because I felt that it would add to my character. And post that I am getting compliments for the same. I will keep changing it during this show too for different occasions but the one I am carrying right now will be the base around which my other haridos will revolve."

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